What Does the Sun Sign Represent?

The Sun is depicting our outer appearance, or how we present ourselves to other people. It is our as to speak façade. The Sun is the person’s Will to Be and thus the generator of all the energy of life. Tapping its potential gives to the person the ability to express the true Self in the exterior world and draw boundless strength from that unlimited Source. The purposes to which that strength is put is a vital determining factor of one’s destiny. The Sun is to a human as the nucleus is to the atom. Even though thoughts, emotions and physical functions are separate aspects of your total being, each draws energy from the centre (the Sun) in order to fulfil its particular life purpose. This centre corresponds to the heart in the physical body. The Sun is also associated with the circulatory system, the spinal cord and growth in general. In a birth chart the Sun reveals the outward, conscious characteristics of an individual, that is to say what he/she wants to project consciously outward and how he/she wants to be perceived by others.

Since the position of the Sun can be determined relatively easy by the date of birth, most people nowadays know their Sun sign. In other words, if a person is born say on 10th of December he will know that he is Sagittarian. This actually means that the Sun as observed from the Earth was in front of the constellation of fixed stars that we call Sagittarius. Irrespective of what year this person is born, the Sun on that date is always in that constellation. Thus most people know their Sun sign and willingly or unwillingly they behave into what the “Sagittarian” or “Taurean” is supposed to be like. However, the position of the Sun is only one small aspect compared to the complexity of the whole chart.

In fact, the main argument that we constantly hear from people, who do not believe in astrology is that people are far too complex creatures and cannot be divided simply into 12 categories. And indeed, I have to admit that the horoscopes appearing in some newspapers and magazines did a lot of harm to the good name of astrology. This was done primarily through the wide broadcast of the misconception that according to astrology all people are simply divided into 12 groups.  However, even a brief acquaintance with the main astrological techniques will convince the reader that the above statement has no grounds at all.

The ten planets of the Solar system (including the Sun and the Moon) can be in each one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac at the time of your birth. At the same time they can also be in each one of the 12 astrological houses, and their precise position will be determined by the daily rotation of the Earth around its own axis. So, we already have 12 times 12, times 10, which are 1440 combinations. But this is just the beginning. Each one of the ten planets can make about a dozen different aspects to each one of the other planets (some of these are positive and some of them are negative), depending on the angular positions between the planets. In addition, each one of these aspects will have a different interpretation according to the sign and house position of the planets involved. It becomes clear that there are millions and even billions of possible combinations and that even 5 or 10 minutes difference in the birth time will produce people, who can be quite different from each other. I myself have made thousands of charts in my practice. I never saw two people who have exactly the same birth charts and I never will.


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