Astrology is a balanced science, which keeps a close connection with the divine without losing its scientific grounds. I found it a very rewarding subject. I hold two Master degrees - one in Engineering and one in Education. Astrology fulfills both principles that live within me (the spiritual from one side and the scientific from another). For this reason I am studying and practising it for more than 15 years.

The purpose of this website is to inform and inspire people to reach a greater understanding of astrology and the spiritual science and assist them in their quest for self-discovery and self-mastery.

No one can say precisely when astrology emerged. Man’s preoccupation with the skies began long before writing was invented. However, we know the fact that 6,000 years ago, Chaldean priests used watchtowers to make maps of the skies. Scientists found clay tablets, estimated to date from 3800 B.C., which record the motions of the Sun and the Moon with extraordinary accuracy. Acquainted as we are today with computer science, mathematics and logical conclusions, it is very hard for us to appreciate what ancient people achieved in this distant era, lacking the tools which we posses today.

It is important to emphasize, however, that astrology should not be regarded simply as a prediction tool. This is because the primary task of astrology is about self-knowledge and not about deterministic fatalism! Knowledge is power and who possesses it has the chance of liberating himself from the spells of the stars. The stars impel, but they do not compel.

Want it or not, every single one of us is influenced immensely by the invisible, occult, planetary forces, which work on the background to create every aspect of our own individuality. The planets also shape and guide our experiences in the outer world. However, those who study these forces and work consciously according to this knowledge to improve their negative traits,  in time develop the ability to “ride on the top” of the planetary waves and become true Masters of their own destiny.

The pure scientific approach of astrology is what it makes it different from all other forms of divination The real art is, of course, the skillful and correct interpretation of the chart, which remains the property of just a small number of devoted astrologers > see Astrology Services This site is continuously improving and more e-books, more helpful links and the newest of my published articles, are added to it on a regular basis. Please, bookmark this page and come again soon. Alternatively you can place your e-mail in the form provided on the left and you will be notified when this web site has been updated. .

Lubomir Dimitrov MSc

Perth, Australia