Astrological Explanation of Palmistry

Part 1

PalminfopageThere are two major groups of people. Those belonging to the first group believe in astrology, but practically do not know much about it. The people from the second group deny the validity of astrology, but they know even less about it than the first group. And yet, astrology exists for more than 5,000 years and the movement of the planets directly affects our lives even if we want it to or not. The position of the planets can be calculated with an extraordinary precision by modern computers and it is not difficult for the people that are familiar with the basic astrological techniques to determine all the strengths and weaknesses that they possess from birth and on that basis also the major events that are likely to happen in their lives.

The natal, astrological chart of a person is derived from the date, place and time of birth. It is like a life road map. It describes the main strengths and weaknesses of the individual; it depicts the ego, the attitude towards money and possessions, the main sources of income and the way in which the mind operates and processes information. The attitude towards the parents can also be derived from it; if one of the parents had a particular bearing on the individual during his formidable years this will be clearly shown in the chart. Other factors that will show up are the attitude towards relatives, brothers and sisters, the conditions in the home where the individual grew up and the conditions in the home which he or she established later. The natal chart shows also the attitude of the individual towards sex, pleasurable romance and transient or permanent relationships. The chart will show impartially if the individual really possesses any psychic or healing abilities. A lot can be said also about the possibilities of distant travel, career direction and opportunities, group or social involvements and so on and so on. In two words, the personal natal report can give us answers about every aspect of our lives!

Another key feature of astrology is its scientific approach. What information can be tapped into using other methods of divination, like crystal ball gazing, Tarot card reading, examining the figures in a cup of coffee, etc. can be obtained with mathematical precision using astrology. Astrology does not leave room for hunches and premonitions, simply because the positions in the date, time and place of birth of every particular individual are strictly determined by birth. These positions can then be calculated by many different astrologers, who will always arrive at the same astrological result. It is true that they may use different wording to describe what they see in the chart, but the chart itself will always remain the same. This process is similar to two people who see the same movie and then tell you the story. The wording and the manner in which they will tell you what they saw may be different, but the plot will remain essentially the same. Thus, it is important that we consult an astrologer who knows how to put pen to paper or who knows how to put in proper words his or her astrological observations.

When I first started studying astrology about 10 years ago, I was amazed by the extraordinary accuracy of descriptions that applied to me, to my relatives or to my acquaintances and friends, according to their astrological birth chart. Even their outer physical appearance could be determined by the positions of the planets on their birth charts. Later on, I started experimenting with the charts of people who I never saw in my life and more often than not, I was able to describe the main characteristics of their physical bodies, the main features of their faces and even the expression of their eyes. It is not uncommon for me to receive emails today from my friends and acquaintances in Bulgaria or from other countries, who have met a new boyfriend or girlfriend and who give me their birth details, hoping to find out if this relationship is going to last or not. In most cases I can determine the general physical appearance of the person in question and sometimes I am surprised myself of the accuracy of my description when later on they send me a photograph, which completely confirms my findings based on astrology. Needless to say my predictions about how the relationship is going to work out are also extremely accurate.

This process works both ways. By observing the person in question either on a photograph or in direct contact, I am in a position to state the key astrological features that are present in this person’s birth chart. By having a brief conversation with the person I can tell their time of birth. This is especially useful for people who want their astrological, natal chart done, but are not certain of their time of birth. Some of them, who were not sure and wanted to confirm my findings consulted later on kinesiology practitioners who confirmed the same result. In short, at the moment of birth, the location of the planets in the skies leaves its imprint on the individual to such a degree, that not only can his character be then strictly determined by astrology, but also the major events in his life and also to a great degree his physical appearance.

Inspired by these new findings, I was puzzled by the question: Is the stars’ influence so strong to leave its imprint not only on the person’s face, body and traits of character, but also on the shape of the hand, the lines on the palm and anything else that falls into the realm of palmistry? To find out an answer to this question I continued my research and not surprisingly I found out that there is a definite link between palmistry and astrology. The basics of these findings I will share with you in this article, so you can find out the benefits of combining these two sciences together.

The definite advantage of palmistry is that everyone can observe his or her own palm or the palm of other people and interpretations about the character of the person in question can be made immediately. We do not need to possess computers or astrological tables, we do not need to conduct complex astrological calculations and we do not need to study diligently thousands of possible planetary combinations according to their signs, houses and aspects. If we simply follow a few, basic rules which I will teach you in this article, then we can obtain some basic idea about anyone, simply by observing the shape of their hands.

The disadvantage of palmistry, however, is that the precision of such interpretations is limited. We cannot go much in depth in our analysis and the picture that we can paint, describing the character of this particular person, although true, will be also very limited. This is the same if we compare the same object observed on a black and white photograph as opposed to a 3D image. The depicted object will be the same, but the difference in the quality of the pictures will be huge. If we want to know exactly the reasons for any deep-rooted psychological patterns or the psychological motivation of the person then we need to use the services of astrology. For most simple purposes, however, and for obtaining a general idea of a person that we are dealing with, the information that palmistry offers is quite sufficient.

The starting point in palmistry is observing the shape of the palm. Please note, that it has to be observed always with the palm upwards and never from the top, otherwise you can get quite an erroneous reading. Basically the palm of each person can be either square or oblong. Sometimes, the shape of the palm can be determined by the first impression that you have by looking at it, but otherwise the necessary measurements have to be taken. If you are not sure, then you have to determine the length and the width of the hand and to compare these two measurements.

To assess the length of the palm, take a reading from the base of the middle or the third finger (also known as the finger of Saturn) to the bottom edge of the palm. Then, to evaluate its width, take a reading horizontally about halfway up, at approximately the point where the thumb shoots off from the palm itself. Now compare these two measurements. If they are approximately the same then you are dealing with a square palm. If the length of the palm is markedly longer than its width (let’s say more then 25%) then you are looking at an oblong palm.

Now take a look at the fingers. Are they long or short? Again, you have to begin measuring at the base of the middle finger upwards to the tip of the finger (in most people’s hands this is the longest finger of all) and then from the same point downwards to the bottom of the palm. Compare these two measurements. If the finger-length reaches generously into the bottom half of the palm, then the hand is long-fingered. If the finger-length reaches the halfway mark on the palm, or only scantily over it, then the hand is short-fingered. In other words, if we assume that the middle of the palm is 50% of the palm’s length and the bottom of palm is 100%, then the hand is short-fingered if the length of the middle finger is between 50 and 75% of the palm’s length.

When you take the measurements it is important to work with the proportions and not in absolute values. The length of the palm or the fingers in centimeters has absolutely no meaning at all, because different people are made from different genetic material, they belong to different races etc. and therefore come with different hand sizes. Also, male hands are generally larger than female ones; therefore the size here does not matter. What is important, though, is the proportion between the length of the fingers, compared to the length of the palm of the same hand. The same rule applies for the proportion of the length and the width of the same palm. For this reason I am giving here the guidelines in determining the shape of the palm in percentages and not in centimeters.

After you complete your measurements you will have two results: the hand in question can be either square or oblong and its fingers can be either short or long. This gives us four possible combinations, which relate to the four elements used in astrology – earth, air, fire and water.

A square palm with short fingers – the Earth hand
A square palm with long fingers – the Air hand
An oblong palm with short fingers – the Fire hand
An oblong palm with long fingers – the Water hand

In the second part of this article we will go in depth about the interpretations of these four possible cases, but for now we will mention only that the Earth element is associated with practicality, the Air element – with intellectuality, the Fire element – with enthusiasm and the Water element – with emotions. Also, in the second part of this article we will reveal which elements are compatible with which. In this way you may be able to explain to yourself some basic spiritual laws that even manifest quite obviously even in the material plane – for example why fire need air in order to sustain itself, but it is put off by water? You will find the answers to this and to many other questions in the second part of this article.

Part 2

palmistryIn the first part of this article we learned how to measure the length of the palm and the fingers in proportion to each other. We learned that after you complete your measurements you will have two results: the hand in question can be either square or oblong and its fingers can be either short or long. This gives us four possible combinations, which relate to the four elements used in astrology – earth, air, fire and water. The general interpretations are:

A square palm with short fingers is an Earth hand and it relates to practicality and down to earth attitude.
A square palm with long fingers is an Air hand and it denotes intellectual person with a strong mind.
An oblong palm with short fingers is a Fire hand and it indicates a person with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.
An oblong palm with long fingers is a Water hand and signifies a very emotional, intuitive and sensitive person.
Now, once you have determined the most prominent element that determines the basic shape of your hand, you can make the relevant key interpretations.

The Earth hand (Square palm with short fingers) –
The motto of people with this type of hand is “I produce”.The astrological signs that belong to the earth element are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The key words for this element are stability and practicality. People possessing such hands are the Doers, as opposed to the Thinkers (air), Actors (fire) or Dreamers (water). This type of hand is typical for those who are often found in the ranks of unskilled or unqualified labour, but this also is the hand that shapes things and produces material objects with a great degree of dexterity. Which of these cases will apply to the subject depends greatly on the other factors that make up his or her personality. In either case, the earth hand type people may be good at producing material things and objects, but are not really good at designing or inventing the shape or the purpose of the objects themselves.

Their strength lies in the manual dexterity, in the patience with which they handle the material and also in their liking for rhythmic work, which sometimes may require also a great physical energy and stamina. Often builders, constructors or technical workers possess earth type hands. On all levels, the Earth hands inevitably connect closely to the basic physical sides of life, such as strong sexual drive; liking for good food and wine; plain, but practical comfort of the everyday life. These people enjoy the simple pleasures in life always in a direct way. The earth type may be a builder in the literal sense or figuratively speaking. If not building a house, he or she may be building a career, a fortune, a relationship – no matter what the structure, the methods do not vary. It is a steady, careful process, with slow but stable achievement, whatever its final goal.

In forming partnerships the earth type feels best with another earth type, who is going to be responsive to his/her strong sexual drive and willing to share to an equal degree the simple pleasures of life. The second best combination is the water type person. Similar to the actual elements in real life, the water can penetrate the earth and fit in the gaps, blending in this way nicely with the facets of its temperament. The solid and possessive Earth does not blend well with the freedom-loving Air and Fire categories, so unless the earth type takes this into consideration and accounts for it, eventually the arising conflicts lead to a total incompatibility.

The Air hand (Square palm with long fingers) –
The motto of people with this type of hand is “I think”. The astrological signs that belong to the air element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The key word for this element is intellectuality. Some theories assert that the Air type is in fact an evolved Earth type, because its qualities are often an alteration or refinement of the Earth-type qualities. And indeed, the liking of progression and order, typical for the Air type is very similar to the liking of building and rhythm, typical for the Earth type. However, in many other respects the Air and Earth are miles away. For example, the constant intellectualizing of the Air sign is awfully foreign to the Earth. The Earth sign cannot comprehend how even simple pleasures, such as one’s sexual drive or liking for good food and wine can also be an object for constant intellectualizing and mental analysis. However, what the Earth type cannot understand is that without applying the power of thought to every aspect of our lives and without constantly coming up to new ideas and concepts, not even one single object would have been produced in this world. For before producing anything material, we first have to “produce” and “refine” its mental prototype and only after that – its material counterpart.

The air type is not characterized with patience. It thinks, and thinks rapidly and aims to solve any world problem through the mental power that it possesses. Thus, fools will suffer gladly in the presence of a highly intellectual air sign. These people are very agile, with an emphasized striving for freedom. Similarly to the physical element of air, which realm of existence is high above the surface of the earth, where the other elements usually cannot reach it, the air type people fly high in their mental aspirations and pursuits and want to feel free from the restricting force of gravity that keeps all the other elements down to the Earth. Air type people are famous for solving a problem by literally walking away from it. The problem as such will remain, but not for the Air type person. Having escaped to freedom by walking away, he or she dismisses it as non-existent. Air type people can also be far too quick-moving and rapid in their ways, and never settle down to anything properly. They must be aware that if they do not develop a more in-depth attitude to one or two spheres of interest, they may spend a lifetime of tracing paths through life that do not really lead anywhere at the end.

Air type people are very much attracted to ideas and communication, therefore a strong intellectual rapport is a prerequisite for a rewarding sexual rapport. Without it, the whole notion of romance collapses. Thus, these people do well with representatives of their own element. They also can adapt well to the Fire type people, since the fiery enthusiasm inspires the Air type people, who, in turn, allow Fire the freedom it may not always realise is its nourishment. In this way, similar to the real life, Fire needs the Air and Air embraces the Fire. Air suffocates from the restrictive (although loving) embracement of the Earth and finds the Water too emotionally clinging and draining, so at the end usually the free spirit nature of the Air takes the upper hand and leaves.

The Fire hand (Oblong palm with short fingers) –
The motto of people with this type of hand is “I act”. The astrological signs that belong to the fire element are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The key words for this element are enthusiasm and action. Fire type people are the Doers of this world. Their enthusiasm is contagious. The last thing that these people will have on their mind is to solve a problem by getting away from it, as their Air counterparts would do. They will keep fighting and fighting with the problem, believing that if they apply enough force and enthusiasm, the problem will be eventually knocked down.

This is a completely different approach from the Air type, who will contemplate a “mental” solution to the problem and when it finds it, it will strike only once, but at the right time, at the right place and with the right force in such a way that this one single kick will be enough to solve the problem at once. Such an approach is very foreign to the Fire, indeed

Both elements share some common characteristics, like speed for example. However, the type of speed exhibited by the Fire is passionate and emotional, while that of the Air is cool, logical and rational. The enthusiasm of the Fire can be cooled down with time, if the passion is no longer present, while the speed of the Air does not depend on emotions, because feelings and emotions are not prominent for this element. The fire hand is said to be a hand of courage. Fire type people are brave in all senses of the word – about ideas, ideals, defence of themselves and the ones they love or all of the above. This hand has an appetite for all forms of excitement and certainly craves for constant action.

Unfortunately, similar to the actual fire in real life, these people can either roar in terrible blazes or can be absolutely extinguished (it all depends on the passion they have about it). Because of the fluctuating pulse of their enthusiasm, Fire-type individuals are frequently judged to be unreliable by other element types. Also, similar to real life fire, which gains energy from what it consumes, the Fire-type people tend to be outer-inspired. They are self-starters in the emotional sense, but the original impulse is always a response to an outside stimulus. There is a link between the fire type persons and the creativity. Above all, there is a tremendous energy in this hand, so it does not come as a surprise that these people are among the most successful of this world.

On a relationship level, two fire type people can make a good couple, provided that other factors contribute to such a satisfactory union. Otherwise they can burn everything down to the ground. The relationship with an Air type is beneficial, since the two elements can nourish each other without a clash of force being involved. Such a conflict, however, is very likely with the Earth element, while with the Water the encounters can be tumultuous, but not necessarily enduring, since the passionate water undercurrents tend to become too destructive for the relationship.

The Water hand (Oblong palm with long fingers) –
The motto of people with this type of hand is “I feel”. The astrological signs that belong to this element are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The key words for this element are sensitivity and intuition. This type of hand is also called the sensitive type of hand, for it reveals an emotional nature with deep-lying undercurrents. Similarly, to observing a flat surface of the sea, while many hidden swirls and whirls are actually taking place at the deep waters, the people with this type of hand can appear calm and passive, but in reality nothing can be further away from the truth. Water-type individuals are ruled primarily by their emotions and feelings and in this respect they are a good example of people where the heart rules the head.

This principle is exactly the reverse of the principle of operation of the Air signs, where exactly the opposite holds true. Exactly because feelings and emotions play such an important part in their lives, Water type people are extremely sensitive to the emotional problems of others and can sometimes become victims of just any sob story. Giving unlimited sympathy and emotional support suits the Water types very well, also because it substitutes to a certain degree any positive action. Water prefers to leave the positive action to the Fire, since it abhors direct or violent deeds.

The Water hand person can be largely an escapist, who is lead through life by lofty ideals and high inspirations. However, it is not easy for him or for her to translate those visions into practical solutions. For this reason the Water is frequently being criticized by the other elements. Idealists as they may be, but their purpose of existence on the earth plane is exactly this – to tap to the higher sources of inspiration and to translate their visions as best as they can into a common everyday language, which must be simple enough for the other elements to understand. This is necessary, because not even one single major achievement of the humanity (such as equality among all people regardless of their sex, race or nationality, slave abolishment and so on) hasn’t been achieved and implemented in practical terms, without being an ideal first!

By large the Water subject is moody and possibly tearful. The tears may be shed in solitary silence, because of liking for secrecy. Communication with the words of the everyday language doesn’t come easy for the Water type people; they rather communicate their ideas through poetry, drawings, carvings or especially through music. Water hands are better at composing, rather than singing (while Earth types are better at performing the singing itself). While Fire-type people require inspiration in the outside world, the Water-type individuals seek outside shape. Similarly to the water in the physical world, which do not possess a shape of its own, but it takes the shape of the vessel in which it is poured, so the Water-type individuals seek an outer shape, which will give them some form of existence. If this outer form is shattered for any reason, they will seek a replacement, for they cannot sustain themselves on their own without the outer-given framework.

Water blends best with Earth, since the stability and practicality of the Earth seem to provide a good framework for the runny water. The tempestuous union of the Water and the Fire does not seem to be a very happy one. Although they are both very passionate elements, their passion usually go in different directions and as in real life the actual water extinguishes the fire, so in the element relationships the Water undercurrents seem to put out the fiery enthusiasm. The Water types are not very much attracted to the ever intellectualizing Air types, while Air perceives the Water as too emotional and difficult, so besides some occasional sexual sparks, these unions usually do not last for too long. Two sensitive hands can go together well if practicality is indicated somewhere else in the personality. If not, too many tearful, hurt feelings may dissolve any trust that ever existed between the two individuals. Unfortunately, if social bonds have already been tied, two unhappy sensitive-hand types may find it very difficult to actually put an end to the partnership, and so they may go on together, in sorrow, each secretly dreaming of release.

Now that the four basic elements and their general characteristics have been outlined, you may have recognized yourself, or someone close to you in one of these four groups. However, please bear in mind that only partial identification may be possible, for people are very complex beings and cannot fit plainly and squarely in any one single category. Also some of you may recognize your palms exhibiting the features of one main element, while at the same time your Sun sign falls into the group of another element. This is happening because in your astrology chart there may be many other planets (such as Mercury, Venus, Mars etc.) that are placed in some other signs, which belong to other elements and thus they may overrule the influence of the Sun. To learn more about yourself or the people close to you, please come and see me for a consultation or order your natal chart (this can be done now online if you click here). Alternatively, you can sign in for my next astrology course and learn how to do this yourself. For more information, please contact me or visit my Astrology Services.