About Me

I was born in Bulgaria. It is a relatively small country, located in Eastern Europe. On the map below you can see its layout and the neighbouring countries. As with most Slavic countries, it is famous besides everything else by its extraordinarily large number of psychics, clairvoyants and healers. So I must have been genetically predisposed by birth to embark one day on the spiritual path.

At the very early stage of my life, I was completely unaware of this, though. As a child I was raised in a totally different environment from what most people born in Australia are familiar with. My mother was an active member of the Communist Party and I remember that for many years she held top positions in the Government Department of Education. My father had a University degree in agriculture and spent most of his life as an agronomist, but he never got involved in politics. Both of them, however, were anything but what you can describe today as ‘spiritual’. The common belief in my family and in the society in general at those times was that God does not exist, and that everything that we see around us is made from matter only. I was no different.

BulgariaAt school I was diligent and studied well. My parents did not have any major troubles with me, because I was not missing lessons, did well at school and most of the times got along reasonably well with my classmates. While normally boys at my age spent most of their time at the playgrounds, I spent most of my childhood at home reading and writing. At the age of 10 I started learning English for the first time. Back in 1976 English just started being a little bit more popular than other languages, but I learned it because it was a whole new world for me. Later on my choice proved to be extremely useful. I remember that till my early teens I was editing at home my own ‘newspaper’ and I ended up having a whole pile of them in my drawer. When the new issue ‘went out of print’ I insisted to my mother that she read it straight away and was terrorizing her until she did. At the age of 19 I graduated at a technical college in electronics. I was good at technical science and was inspired (again by my mother) to become an engineer.

2. Russian Period

Despite the common belief in the West that the communist society was all evil, I firmly believe that there were many elements of this society that were very beneficial for the people, and which elements are inherently lacking in the capitalist society. One such aspect was for example the free education. On grounds of doing extremely well at school I was selected to continue my higher education at the Kiev Institution for Civil Aviation Engineers. Kiev is now the capital of Ukraine, but at the time it was all part of the USSR. My travel expenses were paid by the Government, I was provided with free accommodation for the duration of my study (5 and a half years) and on the top of this I was paid a scholarship, which was equivalent to a monthly wage in USSR. Now, who complains about that?

The deal was that my academic achievements at the Institution should be above a certain level and that upon graduation I would work for 5 years in a particular aviation plant (eventually this did not happen, as you will see later, because meanwhile Bulgaria started the transition from communism to capitalism and abolished these contracts). My years in Russia were something that can be very difficultly described with words. At that time I started reading more about astrology and even began to read the simplified version of the Bible for fun. It was ironic that while on the surface savage atheism was totally ruling the social life, nevertheless an overpowering, omnipotent spirituality was subconsciously ruling the souls of millions of ordinary Russians.

If we have to make a parallel with the western society today we will see that quite on the contrary, while religion is officially recognized, a powerful atheism is ruling the souls of the masses. The encounter with the Russian culture altered my total perception of the world. The change was rather subconscious, because outwardly I was still far from ‘spiritual’. The mere fact that I was present there for all these years was enough though to imbue my soul with certain spiritual impulses, which developed externally later on in my life. Learning to speak and write the Russian language fluently also is a great benefit and helps me enormously even today, especially with my advanced studies of astrology and other esoteric subjects through the Internet.

I graduated in 1993 and obtained my Master’s Degree in Science. In case you wondered what the post nominals MSc after my name mean, now you know. Meanwhile communism in Bulgaria collapsed and capitalism started establishing itself in a manner not much different from the Wild Wild West. Work was not available and if it was, the pay was symbolic. It was estimated that around 1 million Bulgarians emigrated abroad during this transition period out of 9 million people population. I was one of them. I left behind for a while my girlfriend for 3 years (and a future wife) and jumped ahead in a search of a ‘better life’.

3. Maltese Period

Initially I found myself in Malta – a small island in the Mediterranean sea, close to Italy. The transitional shock from the East to West was nearly devastating. The reality around me was so different that I frequently thought that I am on another planet and wanted to swim back home. Luckily, I am quite adaptable by nature and after a few years I began to discover the positive sides of my new life. One obvious advantage were the higher wages – at those times as a waiter in Malta I was better paid than I would be as a qualified engineer in Bulgaria. I started to learn how to appreciate money and material possessions – the very foundations of the life in the west.

I remained true to my heart and despite all the difficulties arising from my lack of Maltese citizenship, a year later I managed to organize the arrival of my Russian girlfriend. Soon upon her arrival she got pregnant, we got married and our son, Vladimir was born. Only those readers who ever had to embark on the extremely difficult path of immigration can appreciate the difficulties associated with the simple statement above – for despite one day Europe will be all united, back in 1993 what I did was almost impossible to achieve.

I was newly married and a father of a wonderful baby-boy, but the external reality constantly reminded me that we were still foreigners in Malta and the very base of our happiness could be easily shattered. In 1996 the company that I was working for several years collapsed, my working permit was revoked and the three of us had to leave the country for a period of 3 months, leaving most of our possessions behind. This extremely difficult period in my life turned out to be also the most positive, since it made me search very deep inside for the causes of these events. This is how I turned to astrology very seriously in search for answers. And I got them.

I learned how to make my own ‘predictions’ and reversed the figures backwards to see if they applied for past years too. Every major event in my life apparently happened at a time when the planets were favoring this event to happen. For example, according to my calculations, I left my country, I got married and my son was born exactly at times when these events were ‘destined’ to happen. Then I examined the charts of my wife, my son and many other friends and acquaintances. As an engineer I don’t take everything for granted and I always insist on a scientific approach for my beliefs (that’s how I was brought up). However, after studying astrology for all these years I became convinced with a mathematical accuracy that we are all part of a great, wise, cosmic plan of evolution.

At the age of 28, I took the decision to get baptized in Bulgaria in an Orthodox Christian church, since by this time I was 100% convinced that God (or divine plan, or whatever you want to call it) do really exist. This was the only way that I knew at the time how to connect myself with higher spiritual beings. Today I can see that there are other ways to do that too, but even then as I can testify today as a psychic, the good spirits still are pleased when we pay a tribute to them on a regular basis in a mass service in the church. Our individual connection with these spirits was traditionally established through the church and for this reason the church as a place for prayer and the Bible as a main spiritual document remain un-substitutable.

Eventually, we managed to come back to Malta and I found another job as a service engineer, which was prestigious and well-paid, but I did not want us to remain foreigners in another country for much longer. I wanted my family to feel at home in our country of residence. For this reason I applied for an Australian residency, as an independent migrant, based on my qualifications, work experience, English language and age. The whole process cost me thousands of dollars and it took nearly three years to complete. At the end, however, Australia gave us residency status and we could call this country our second home. This was another major achievement in my life.

4. Australian period

My family arrived in Australia in September 1998. The first 6 months were hard – Australian companies are reluctant to employ engineers without ‘Australian work experience’. Besides, my belief that I can speak good English was shattered, since back at those times I often could not pick up the meaning of Ozzie’s way of speaking. Later on this problem was resolved as I was employed as a lecturer in a private company, where my main task was to give lectures to professional engineers and technicians and so I put a tremendous effort to improve on my writing and speaking skills.

Being a Leo rising I just hate to face an audience and look incompetent or with poor command of English. Thus, I put a tremendous effort to improve my language skills to ensure that this never happens. At one point I was even required to write a book for the company called ‘Industrial Electronics’. That job took me 3 months of nonstop work day and night, but at the end I became the author of a very useful book, this work enhanced my technical English and improved my writing skills significantly. All the technical and writing skills, which I acquired as an engineer come very handy today when I develop astrological software and write sophisticated natal reports. God has many ways to the people’s hearts, doesn’t He?

My ‘Australian dream’ was crushed two years upon our arrival, when I had to go through the painful process of divorce. Being raised in a completely different cultural environment, I did not know that women in Australia are in fact given financial incentives from the Government when they become single mothers. I was also not aware of the fact that following separation, fathers in Australia in most cases lose the family house and most of the possessions acquired jointly during the marriage. I did not know that fathers can be alienated from their children for no apparent reason and that their financial resources are drained to a bare minimum until their children reach 18. Well, I learned all this.

After long battles in the Family Court most problems were finally sorted out. The most important one is that after that I was able to regularly see my son. When he turned 16 he came to live with me. Meanwhile, I had produced hundreds of astrology charts of different people and the requests were growing. I became so experienced with this that at one point I noticed that I can actually say a lot about the person in question even before the relevant calculations on her on his chart were done. This became so habitual that eventually I learned how to determine the people’s time of birth simply by looking at them and observing their behaviour. There is a direct correlation between how people look and behave and the elements in their natal chart.

Although my knowledge and psychic abilities were growing with each year, I was not content with the fact that writing the interpretation part of the natal chart was taking me so much time. I always had a strong affinity with computer technologies and so I decided to leave my full time job as a professional engineer and enrolled as a full-time student in the University of Western Australia. One year later I obtained a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology. That allowed me to combine my knowledge about astrology with my computer skills in order to utilize the wisdom of this ancient science in a new, modern and innovative way. This website is one example what can be produced when these two abilities are merged together.

Meanwhile I commenced publishing articles on a regular basis and my name became more and more popular. Most of my articles, are published on my website and you can read them here. I am also the author of several books. Around 2003 I became a professional astrologer. I thought that there are enough engineers out there, but there are only a few (if any at all in Perth, Australia) engineers-astrologers, who can deliver this ancient science in a form of a successful business. If you are interested you can read about the  astrology services which I am providing. In 2012 I completed my second Masters degree (in Education) in the Edith Cowan University at Perth, Western Australia.