Love and Astrology

CL_Cover_-_July_2005At the moment of birth the planets imprint their influences in each one of us. Like the 12 Godmothers from the fairy tales they come at the time of birth and determine our destiny. In this way we are pre-determined from birth in the way in which we think, feel, achieve or probably fail when we grow up.

Most people today know what their Sun sign is. We often hear comments of this nature: “She is indecisive like a typical Libra” or “My new boyfriend is passionate and jealous Scorpio”. While most of the general descriptions about the people in question are correct, at the same time it will be very wrong to classify all people living on the Earth, based on their Sun sign alone. Such descriptions are based just on one single factor – the Sun’s astrological position in the Zodiac, according to the date of birth. Since the Sun makes one complete revolution around all the signs of the Zodiac exactly for one astronomical year, its position can be easily determined for each given day and this is why we can easily find out our Sun sign. However, the position of the Sun in the Zodiac determines only one single factor – how we portray outwardly to other people. There are also another 9 planets in the Solar system and their combined influence play far more important role in our lives rather than the Sun’s position alone.

For example, Mercury determines the way in which we think, reason and communicate with other people. The Moon determines our instinctive responses in situations and establishes the patterns in which we divulge our emotions, feelings and passions. Similarly, all other planets exert their influence in all other areas of our life – health, carer, family etc. So we see that if the personal chart is drawn for the subject, according to the date of birth, the place of birth and the time of birth, the superficial statements like “I am Libra” or “I am Scorpio” sound extremely trivial. Instead, the person is perceived as a unique combination of planetary influences in which each one of the 10 planets plays its specific role.

In particular, there are two planets that will shape the subject experiences in the sphere of sexuality, love and relationships. These two planets are Mars and Venus. In the ancient Greek mythology Ares (which is the roman Mars) was the God of War and as such he is the governor of physical energy, assertion, physical stamina and strength. Therefore Mars in the astrological chart represents the assertive, physical, active or male principle. Venus on the other hand is the planet ruling the harmony, unison and love between people. Greeks called her Aphrodite, the Goddess of love – ideal, familiar and sexual. In the grounds of her temples there were groves where worshippers could make love. Therefore, Venus in the astrological chart represents the receptive, emotional, passive or female principle.

The fact that everyone has both Venus and Mars positioned somewhere in their natal chart, means that every single one of us will have both principles residing within the self in certain proportions. Men usually possess much greater percentage of male energy and Mars is more dominant in their charts. This is what makes them more assertive, aggressive and inclined to pursue all sorts of physical activities. But we don’t have to forget that at the same time Venus will be somewhere nearby in the chart and she will instill from there some typical female qualities. Thus, even such pronouncedly masculine males like Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, encompass within themselves about 90% male and 10% female energy. It is important to understand this concept properly, though. The fact that each man contains within himself certain percentage of female energy does not make him a woman, but it bestows him with certain sensitivity, perception and intuition. The feminine side of each man will be more hidden and obscure rather then the outer projected image of Mars, but it will nevertheless form a very important part of the individual.

Similarly, females in general possess greater part female energy, but at the same time the masculine part within themselves is always present, which inspires them to be ambitious, to pursue career, to be assertive and to achieve generally in life whatever goals they may have. Madonna is a typical example for a woman, comprising about 60% female and 40% male energy. Her feminine outer appearance still arouses sexually millions of men around the globe, but at the same time she is using her masculine side very successfully when in comes to business matters, career plans and all other goals in life that she has.

It is important to understand that 100% men or 100% women do not exist. Each one of us comprises certain portions of both energies and this can be clearly observed in the natal, astrology chart. This is exactly one of the reasons why sexes are attracted to each other. For thousands of years people tried to explain this phenomenon with not much success. Men are constantly attracted by women and women are constantly attracted by men, but almost in all cases they do not know why?

Men normally lack to a great extend the female energy within themselves and need a female that will complement them to 100%. Women generally do exactly the opposite. A perfect union is formed between two individuals if both their masculine and feminine energies are fully complemented. For example, a typical man with 70% male energy and 30% female energy will form a perfect couple with a woman comprising 70% female and 30% male energy. If there is a misbalance in the energies, though, the search for the “ideal” partner will go on.

In my 10 years practice as an astrologer I learned how to describe accurately people’s partners without ever seeing them. People normally get surprised by this, but leaving my clairvoyant part aside, what I do is purely scientific. The natal chart will reveal to me what is the proportion of the masculine and feminine side of the subject and all I have to do is to reverse those in order to obtain an accurate picture about what type of partners they will attract in their lives.

This theory can also be used to gain some practical benefits. It can be especially useful for those people who are not satisfied of the partners who they constantly attract in their lives and wish to change this trend. For example certain women always attract in their lives feminine men or even gay men. Then they should examine carefully the level of their own masculine energy which is probably too high. If they want to change this trend, they should bring their own energies in different proportion, according to what they want to attract externally. If for example they have lowered their own masculine level successfully, they will immediately start attracting more and more masculine men.

The same principle applies to all men who are not happy about the women that they encounter in their lives. If the women they meet in their life are mostly dominant and assertive, then most probably their own masculine level is rather low. By delving deeply into the subconscious realm of their own sexuality, such men may be at first shocked, but then gradually relieved and enlightened. This theory is proven to work in practice and it is guaranteed to bring results for those people who have a genuine desire to work on themselves rather then simply blaming their partners for everything. One of the main spiritual laws is that the external reality is a mere projection of the internal reality and thus we cannot change the external reality if we do not change from within. If you want to know how this theory can help you on a personal level, please contact me for an appointment or order online my 3 for 60 astrology service, mentioning this article in the comments field.