Astrological Trends for 1 Year Ahead

Astrological TrendsThis report describes what the stars have  in store for you for the next 12 months. The method of calculations used to produce this report is based on comparing the planetary configurations of your natal chart with the movement of the planets during the next one year.

Depending on what planets are involved and what aspects they make between each other, certain events can be ‘predicted’ in your life. For example if Venus (which is the planet ruling love and harmony) in your natal chart makes a positive aspect to the Moon during the next one year, then your love life will become greatly emphasized and this aspect can also indicate that you may meet a very special mate during this period. This relationship may prove to be rewarding and long-lasting. Similarly, if Jupiter is positively involved, you may expect some successful distant travel, passing a difficult exam or receiving some extra cash. If the aspects are negative then the outcome is not going to be so positive of course, but nevertheless it will probably teach you some valuable life lesson and it will give you a greater strength of character

This service is especially useful when people are in the process of making new plans and want to consult with the stars, are their plans in accordance to the great cosmic strategy or not. Remember, though, that the main task of astrology is not about predictions, but about self-knowledge. Only those who truly know themselves in real depth can rule their destiny and are in a position to change to a certain extend their future by applying their willpower. See  Natal Reports.

Although astrology can be used as a useful trends indicator, the astrological trends report is not going to tell you, for example, that on 6th of November you are going to meet somebody, fall instantly in love and on 15th of December you are going to get married! It can tell you, though, that this period is favorable for romance and marriage, but it will not deny you your free will. Astrology can reveal to you what the planetary influences will be for you for the coming period, but it is up to you to decide if you want to act in accordance to these influences or to counteract them.

Without reading the trends report, however, it is very likely that you will react to the upcoming events according to your nature and instincts, which means that the stars will be ruling your life and not your real self! The majority of people live with the illusion that they are ruling their lives, while in practice they are simply like toys in the hands of powerful planetary influences. The only way to become a true Master of your own faith is to learn beforehand what the stars have in store for you, so then you can make an informative and conscious decision do you want to actively cooperate with this plan if you like it, or counteract it if you don’t. In such way you can become in charge of your own destiny not only in your imagination, but also in reality.

Each year we fall under different planetary influences. At one time love and romance will be in the air (strong Venus, Jupiter and Moon for example), at other times our career will be in focus (strong Saturn, aspects to the MC, etc.) As we can never dip twice in the same river, so we cannot have the same planetary influences year after year. Your chart will speak to you what line of action you are expected to take under the period of consideration.

Please note that I have no control over what is going to come up in your report over the next 12 months. For example, you may wish to make a career move, but if this trend is not indicated in your chart for the period in question, it means that it is not there and I cannot say that it is. However, other positive aspects may come up, which you least expected. So, instead of swimming against the tides, you may decide to swim in harmony with the planetary energies and get the best of what the planets will be inclining you to do.

Here is an excerpt, taken from a client’s astrological trends:

JUPITER trine SUN (positive aspect)

JUPITER at 26.25 in LEO

This nice aspect will be operative in your chart during the whole 12 months period. Generally, it indicates that this period should be fortunate for you. Your confidence and optimism are high. Generally, it indicates that it is a good time to put plans into action and to participate in group activities. Expand your horizons and pick up something new to learn. It’s a good time to grow, to be generous and caring, and to reach out and make others happy. Ask your boss for a raise(if you are still working) as those in authority are likely to be receptive.

A progressive and usually happy period in your life is denoted by this positive aspect between the Sun and Jupiter. The traffic lights are set at green, so you are well advised to push ahead with plans and not to indulge in false modesty. This may be hard for less extrovert types like you, but Jupiter usually helps everyone experiencing this influence to take centre-stage more readily. It’s easier than ever to get a hold on the big picture, and well-laid plans will have long-range effects that don’t require nearly as much effort as you might have thought.

Current circumstances not only enhance your generosity, integrity and courage, but these traits will also be recognised and admired by others. As with all good fortune, however, there is danger of misusing it. You may feel too content with yourself or overconfident that things are going well. Taking things too much for granted, you may not feel any necessity to change the status quo and thereby miss the advantages that come your way. Although most situations will no doubt be fortunate, some of the luck implied during this period may be a matter of keeping a bad situation from becoming worse. An example would be someone who is passed over for a promotion to a supervisor – a seemingly unfortunate situation. However, two days later all the supervisors are fired.

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