Number 1

The absolute energy source, the Creator, potential, new beginning, creativity

The number 1 symbolises everything that exists in its potential form. It represents everything, which is contained in itself. It symbolises also the Absolute Creator and the absolute energy, because in the very beginning, long before the Universe and all the stars were created there was only 1 Creator, which existed by itself and contained in itself as a potential everything, which later on manifested itself on the spiritual and on the material plane. No other number precedes 1, except the 0, which is symbolic of the pure spirit, which existed even before the Absolute Creator, but it was not manifested in any form.

For this reason 1 is connected with the beginning of the things, new starts, new projects and creativity. In astrology 1 is represented as a circle. The circle has no beginning and no end. It is what it stays in the very foundation of any chart, since before we do any astrological chart, we have to draw a circle first and then place on it the signs of the zodiac, the planets, the aspects and so on. Without this initial circle (which is the number 1) it is not possible to draw any chart. However, number 1 is very lonely. Since it is in the beginning of all things it also represents solitude.

Similar to the Absolute creative energy, 1 is like a black box, which contains within itself all the other numbers as a potential, but because they haven’t manifested yet it is very difficult to look inside and say what it contains. 1 is neither good nor evil. It contains both of these energies within itself as a potential. 1 is symbolic of the Absolute Creator in any of its manifestations in the Universe, i.e. it is the starting point of any creative process, when something new is born. Allegorically 1 can be represented by an artist, who is holding his brush and is just about to start a new painting. It can be also represented by a teacher, who just enters the classroom. We don’t know what the end result will be in both cases, but in either case the Absolute Creator starts to manifest itself in a local context.