Why Is It So Hard To Find Real Men Any More?

To Jean Parkinson, who inspired me to write this article

Part 1

It is very common today to hear women from all walks of life commenting wistfully about the lack of men. Indeed, what happened to the real men? You know, the ones that are strong, clever and capable, but at the same time also caring, gentle and devoted? Where to find men that are brave and courageous, but at the same time romantic and affectionate? Or translated into modern language – where to find potential husbands that earn good money and make impressive careers, but at the same time who also would spend enough time with the kids and who would organize a romantic weekend retreat, just for the two of you? Where to look for men that are attractive, clever and sexy, but at the same time loving, committed and loyal?

More and more women around the world find it increasingly difficult to find an answer to these questions. It seems that the public consensus veers towards the verdict that most men at present cannot fit the classical description of “real” men and are becoming more and more uncommitted, egocentric and detached at best. A lot of people believe that real love that was once upon a time an attribute to the real man has been now substituted by mere lust and sheer pursuit of sensual pleasures. It is believed that men (especially young men) are becoming increasingly incapable of experiencing and showing true love towards women. As a consequence men are becoming more and more perverse to say at least.

It is unlikely that we will find a straight-forward answer to the questions above without using some of the methods used in the occult science. Astrology, for instance can be extremely useful in this respect. For those of you who read my previous article in “Universal Mind” called “The Age of Aquarius” it will be easy to grasp the concepts presented below. For those of you who haven’t, I recommend doing so before reading further.

We said in it that every 2,000 years or so, the conditions on the Earth change dramatically in order to reflect the new evolutionary impulses. On the other hand, this occurs in order to reflect the changed conditions in the human consciousness. And indeed, there is no point for the spirits to get incarnated over and over again into the same earth conditions; in this case the spirits will not have the opportunity to learn something new and they will not evolve. For this reason, the conditions on the earth change totally and utterly every 2,000 years or so.

During these periods of time (known also as Ages) the spirit gets incarnated at least twice – once as a man and once as a woman. It is difficult to draw general rules for these matters and the individual reincarnation path of one spirit may vary greatly to that of another. But, it is important to understand the main idea – that normally during each Great year (or Age) we get incarnated at least twice – once as a man and once as a woman. This is possible because the spirit itself is genderless and can be incarnated in either sex. Having said that, it is essential to note that, again, there are no strict rules here and some spirits prefer to get incarnated as women, while others are much more inclined to choose men’s bodies. I may expand on the exact reasons why this is occurring in some other articles. For now it is sufficient to mention simply the fact that certain spiritual lessons can only be learned in a particular gender, or race, or country. Therefore, if a certain spirit exhibits preferences towards one particular sex and it has been reincarnated several times one after another in its favorite gender, than it may find the switch of sexes very difficult and traumatizing when the need for this arises in its next incarnation. These tendencies are plainly and unmistakably revealed to us using astrology or some other occult techniques.

Here it is important to deviate a bit from the main topic in order to clarify something for those readers who still have their doubts about reincarnation. The necessity to remove any doubts about the reincarnation of the spirit is of especially great importance for those people who call themselves spiritual. Most people that regard themselves as spiritual know that nothing happens by chance. The fact that people are drawn to certain ideas and societies is not accidental. You probably know that you too do not read this article simply by chance and the fact that you are reading it right now is also not accidental. It clearly indicates a desire to learn certain spiritual truths. But in order to progress further it is imperative that we fully accept with our hearts and with our minds that the spirit does not die after the death of the physical body. It continues to live in the spiritual world, ruminating on the elapsed life, until it is ready for its next reincarnation and there is a suitable opportunity on the earth for it.

For the clairvoyant observer it is apparent that the patterns in every consecutive life are determined to a great degree from the deeds done in the previous one. This fact also can be confirmed scientifically through careful examination of the natal, astrological chart of the person in question, but it can also be done through other means too. In the eastern teachings the dependence in the present life on the positive or negative trends from previous lives is called karma. Thus, every single deed that we do (good or bad) does not goes forgotten into the nothingness after the death of the physical body. Quite the contrary all those deeds are summarized at the end to determine the type of life we are going to experience next. It is imperative that the reader is free of any reservations about the idea of reincarnation, because without it, it is impossible to explain most spiritual truths.

It was also pointed out in my previous article that we are now living at a critical moment in the development of the humanity, when the old Age of Pisces is about to conclude and the New Age of Aquarius is about the fully settle in. This means that starting approximately from the First World War and finishing in about another 20-30 years from now, the spirits that get incarnated in human bodies on Earth, incorporate within themselves completely new evolutionary impulses that are prominent for the new Age of Aquarius. This is necessary in order to wipe out completely the obsolete patterns typical for the old Age and to settle in the modern, innovative ways of the new planetary ruler – Uranus. This is evident in every sphere of the human life, but it is especially apparent in the relationship between sexes. Why is that so?

It is because the ideas of Uranus (the new ruler) and those of Neptune (the old ruler) concerning sexes, masculinity and femininity in general are completely at odds to each other. Neptune believes that the masculine energy of one individual has to merge completely with the feminine energy of another. In his understanding this is done through the sacred ritual of marriage and once the words “I do” are uttered, this union is supposed to be for life. This means that if necessary, the two individuals in question should live together through happiness or difficulties and if the need be, they should sacrifice their own personal freedom and sometimes even their own individuality for the sake of the family union and the well-being of their children. The church (also governed by Neptune) played a significant role in this process. The role of the church for the last 2,000 years (Neptune’s reign) was to govern nearly all spheres of life and to direct people into what was believed to be the right path. The church position in regard to the marriage was that personal sacrifices have to be made in the name of the family, the children and the social peace.

Uranus on the other hand, finds such arrangement extremely restricting and incarcerating. The keyword for Uranus is freedom and individuality and from his perspective such sacrifices are far too great. He believes that the loss of personal freedom and autonomy is too high price to pay in order to raise children or to achieve social peace. In his understanding, children can be brought up in other structures – not necessarily the traditional family model – which may be even more economical and efficient solution to the same problem. In regards to the social peace, Uranus believes that it can be achieved not trough repressing the individual, but quite on opposite – by liberating them, although keeping them together within the structure of a benevolent, world state.

Therefore, Uranus being the most inventive and original of all planetary rulers is about to invent completely different “family” arrangements which will replace the existing family model. It is quite likely that these new family units will appear very unusual and strange at first, especially to people that are stuck to the traditional, family paradigm. In the near future we may see more and more often several people living together as a family. It is not unlikely that even some form of community living will take place. Traditional gay couples are already considered by most people as quite normal from of co-inhabitance and in the future it will become more and more common. And, of course, there will be still room for the traditional scenario, where simply one man lives together with one woman, but the arrangements within the family will differ considerably from what was the case during the Age of Pisces.

To create a room for its new invented family structures, Uranus first has to wreck the existing family model, which served well for the last 2,000 years but it has now becoming extensively obsolete. This process is quite evident for everybody who has the ability to look around with unprejudiced eyes. It is indeed undeniable that the type of society in which we live today is very different to the one that our parents and grandparents used to live not so long time ago. The number of new marriages is plummeting, the number of divorces is skyrocketing and even in the few remaining stable marriages the relationship between men and women are far from “traditional”. It is likely that in another 20 – 30 years time a stable marriage as we know it today will be considered as an odd exception rather as a rule. There is bad news for those who do not like these changes to occur and want to do everything possible to revert back to the traditional family model. Since the switch of the planetary rules is inevitable, that means that Uranus is going to “win” and Neptune is going to “loose”, regardless of the fact do we like it or not.

But before we raise our hands in despair for the lost family model, let’s examine if the occurring changes are entirely negative. First of all, it will be wrong to think that the rigid family structure as we know it today was in place since day one of creation. Far from it. In fact it only existed for the last 2,000 years, which is a very short period of time in the human evolution. Before the beginning of the age of Pisces and establishing the primary role of the church in all spheres of life, things looked very differently in the previous ages.

Indeed, if we examine the sex life of the people living in the ancient Rome or Greece (the Age of Aries) we will find a family model built on different moral principles. It is enough just to have a look at the primary god – Zeus and examine his own married life to convince ourselves that people at those times had a completely different understanding about family and family behavior, compared to what Christians believed later. Zeus had many love adventures and a number of marriages before settling down (in a manner of speaking only) with Hera. His married life was not an easy one, chiefly because of Zeus’ philandering and Hera’s passionate jealousy. Zeus used all sorts of tricks in order to seduce beautiful women and on few occasions he did the same with some olive-skin, good-looking boys too. If he couldn’t get the object of his passion in any other way he could turn into an animal such as a magnificent swan. On other occasion when this didn’t work, he turned himself into a golden rain and then this did the trick. In the few cases when Hera decided to enjoy herself, Zeus was instantly back home complaining about the absence of his wife.

Some interesting facts from the life of ancient Greeks emerged in the movie “Troy”, screening now at cinemas. Hollywood, however, remained true to its tradition to present historical facts in a sugar-coated, easy to swallow version, aimed to satisfy the general public taste, so many interesting details of the story were omitted or twisted. For example in the movie, Helen and Paris are presented as two lovers who go against all odds in order to save their love. In reality, however, Helen was not only unfaithful to her husband – Menelaus, but she also was a not particularly caring mother, for she left behind her daughter in order to satisfy her passion for Paris. In addition, she also indicated to her lover where the treasures of her husband are, so the couple stole most of them before absconding away.

Also, the careful observer could notice that no official wedding took place as such, upon their arrival in Troy. It was enough that King Priam (played by the remarkable Peter O’Tool), the father of Paris, welcomed Helen as his own daughter and from this moment on she ceased to be the Princess of Sparta and became automatically the Princess of Troy. This was normal for the Age of Aries, but it could not happen in the Age of Pisces, which followed some 2,000 years later because the morale of the society would not allow it and because the church would definitely intervene in this case. If the same thing happened today in the Age of Aquarius, the Troy war will seem as a children’s play in comparison to the sophisticated battle in the family court between the two royal families over the family settlement and the custody of the children. Again we see that the perception of the same issues in the different Ages bear completely different overtones in what seems to be essentially the same life situations.

In short, the ancient Greeks and especially the ancient Romans were very far from the idea of marrying one particular woman and remaining faithful to her for life. This reflects the morale of the times (the Age of Aries 2,000B.C. – 0), which was very different from the morale of Christians (the Age of Pisces 0 – 2,000 A.D.). Nowadays humanity is undergoing another total re-evaluation of its morale concerning family issues (the Age of Aquarius 2,000 – 4,000 A.D.). However, this can only happen if the new planetary ruler – Uranus destroys completely the old “Piscean” family model in order to make room for the new “Aquarian” family model.

The above statement gives us a partial answer to the question: “Why is it so hard to find real men any more?” Many people, who visit me for a consultation, try to figure out what they do wrong in their personal relationships or what else is the reason why their relationships don’t work. In most cases they do not necessary do something wrong. Simply one great planetary influence is waxing and another one is waning. The changes are global and they affect not just one or two particular individuals, but all of us. In such cases, I believe that the best course of action is to step back and to look objectively at the global situation, rather then trying to blame yourself, your partner, his mother or somebody else in particular. I know that this sound impersonal and unemotional, yet detached attitude is precisely what can help these people in their predicament. When a situation like this arises, people also tend to try to find “quick fixes”, temporary solutions, which fix the situation in short term, but which then have negative effect in long term. If real men were easy to find, a lot of women would feel tempted to get married and settled for life with them within the traditional “Piscean” family model. However, this is precisely what Uranus is trying to avoid.

The old evolutionary impulse that was in operation for the last 2,000 years or so was to merge our energy completely with this of another in order to feel complete. The new evolutionary impulse is that everybody has to become complete within him- or herself, without the necessity to merge completely with another person. This is not to say that two individuals should not be together at all, but rather that two completely independent, self-reliant and autonomous individuals could merge their energies together for some length of time, which suits both of them; and not because they are dependent on each other for their survival, completeness or any other reason but because they have chosen to do so. The difference is enormous.

Since this evolutionary impulse is relatively new, a lot of people experience shock and upheaval in the sphere of personal relationship. This occurs predominantly because for the last 2,000 years most souls that have been incarnated on Earth learned how to merge their energies with those of another. Some of these souls mastered such techniques to a very high degree and are now in a position to know intuitively the needs and desires of their partner. This knowledge then can be used benevolently towards the well-being of the partner or manipulatively towards the satisfaction of the self only. In both cases, however, it is likely that they will experience a blow of destiny. This is happening because the new evolutionary impulse is that each individual learns how to create and supply their own emotional security within themselves and not through another person.

When individuals are trying to apply old methods into the new Age, they inevitably receive a shock or blow, through which they are thrown back on their own devices. Thus, through trauma and suffering the providence is enforcing the new evolutionary lesson of internal security and self-reliance.

The pattern described above is true for nearly all individuals presently incarnated on Earth, and describes forces that are beyond the ordinary human jurisdiction, i.e. forces beyond our control. In such cases, people simply experience the consequences of the global changes that Gods have decided to implement on the Earth. However, about half of the women that have problems finding real men are guilty of not complying to one of the major spiritual laws – the law of complimenting of energies. Formulated simply, this law states that in order to attract a real man, the person in question should be a real woman. We will expand on this in the second part of this article.

Part 2

In the first part of this article and in the article “The Age of Aquarius” published in the previous two issues of “Universal Mind” magazine we outlined some of the reasons why is it so hard to find real men any more. It was pointed out that every 2,000 years or so, the planetary influences on Earth change dramatically in order to reflect the new evolutionary impulses. All souls, who happen to be incarnated in human bodies on the border between the 20th and the 21st century, have the unique opportunity to experience the global changes associated with the waning of the Age of Pisces and the waxing of the Age of Aquarius. This global planetary change can induce a lot of apprehension and fear if these processes are not understood properly. As far as the relations between men and women are concerned, what was typical for the Age of Pisces – a life-time lasting, exclusive and total union between a man and a woman is now extensively becoming obsolete. The new Age of Aquarius requires a new “family” model, which is going to be based on independence, originality and freedom.

In the previous articles we took a brief history tour in order to point out that the traditional family model as we know it today, existed only for the last 2,000 years, which is a relatively short period in the human evolution. Before that, the attitude of the ancient Greeks and Romans (and before that Egyptians, Chaldeans, Persians and so on), had completely different views about a family structure. Thus, if observing the changes in the society for the last 20-30 years only, the difference can seem huge, but the picture looks completely different from a higher angle, when observing the evolution of the humanity in the last, let’s say 6-7 thousand years.

The single most important element in the relationships between men and women that is completely new for the Age of Aquarius and which cannot be traced back in all other epochs, is the total emancipation and independence of women. This impulse for women’s liberation is really very new; it is only about 30-40 years old, which shows us that in its essence it is a typical “Aquarian” deed. Naturally, this is to be expected from this sign, which is essentially associated with liberty, freedom, independence and humanism. We know that each of the big, evolutionary Ages last approximately 2,000 years, but going back to the age of Pisces, Aries, Taurus and even Gemini we are cannot find a society where women have an equal say in the social and political life as it is at present. The question arises why women in previous times were always in a submissive, subservient role? Couldn’t they just get organized as they did in the late 60’s, to form a women’s liberation movement and fight for their rights in previous epochs?

To answer this question we have to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the previous times and try to submerge into the type of thinking that the ancient people used to possess. First of all it would be very wrong to think that ancient people used to have exactly the same type of logical and conceptual thinking as it is normal for the modern men. The abilities of modern men to think logically in concepts became more or less prominent in the last 500-600 years; the very first traces of such thinking were established by Pythagoras in ancient Greece. Before that, people were largely driven by spiritual impulses rather than from intellectual conclusions, typical for modern men. Their spiritual and religious beliefs were playing a crucial role in their life. They did not reason about the possibility of existence of God; they knew that God existed. They did not wonder if there is life after death; they felt directly the presence of their death relatives around them. They did not analyze if their actions are good or bad, because they sensed directly what consequences their actions had in the spiritual world.

So, if we immerse ourselves into the spirit of those past epochs we will see that in all their actions, ancient people were driven directly from the impulses coming from the spiritual world. Modern men today can have only a vague idea of the impulses that drove those people through life. This is largely because it is extremely difficult to grasp the spiritual truths using as a tool only our conceptual and analytical thinking. Something else has to help us in this process and this “something else” has to come from the heart. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people close their hearts and rely on the conceptual thinking only, thus losing the opportunity to comprehend even the most minuscule spiritual truths.

The single most important source of spiritual wisdom, available for modern men remains the Bible. However, we should bear in mind two important points about it. First of all, this key spiritual document was written relatively late in the human history; the new Testament is less then 2,000 years old. The reason for this is that humans in previous times did not rely on written text as it is the case with the humanity today – most of them being clairvoyant could tap directly to the source of spiritual wisdom and extract from there whatever truths they needed. And naturally, if something is obvious for most people then there is no need to produce written evidence about it.

The second point is that most of the truths stated in the Bible are actually coded and cannot be read in everyday, ordinary language. In order to extract these truths, the person, who reads the Bible should be in a possession of a special knowledge, or “keys” as to how to decipher the text in it. There is a reason why the Bible was written in this way. In its development it was envisaged that humanity undergoes a slow “descent” throughout the ages until it completely emerges into the matter. That meant that people had to gradually lose their clairvoyant abilities in order to develop the rational and conceptual thinking. That changed from the point when Christ came to earth. From this point onwards the people were given a choice. They could either “ascend” to gain the spiritual truths again, stepping on their new logical-thinking abilities, or they could chose to “descend” even further into the matter, thus blocking for themselves any opportunities for further spiritual development. Thus, the Bible was written using special coded language and the keys to de-code this language were made available only to those who chose to embark on the first path of development and achieved some level of initiation in the ancient Mysteries.

The call of the time today – in the Age of Aquarius – is to make this ancient wisdom available to everybody again, through publishing some of the “keys” which are necessary to read the Bible properly to the general public. Some of these “keys” can be obtained from the occult literature (theosophy and anthroposophy in particular) and some of them can be obtained through clairvoyance or with the help of astrology. In this article we will use one of this “keys” that will shed more light on the question why the role of women in previous ages was traditionally subservient?

We all know from the Bible the story of the Fall of Adam and Eve. In the beginning of times Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, where everything was provided for them and they lived opulently and care-fee. The only thing that God forbade them to do was to eat from the fruit of the tree of Knowledge. He told them “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.” (Gen. 2:17). But the serpent, which “was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made” said to the woman: “You will not surely die…For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Gen. 3:4-5).

This is just one example where a story in the Bible is told allegorically. Although the Fall did not happen in the literal sense, this myth remains insightful and profound of certain spiritual truths. Adam and Eve represent the two substances that emerge directly from God – the masculine and the feminine energy. In the ancient science of Kabbalah these substances are represented with the Kingdom of Power (Geburah) and the Kingdom of Glory (Gedulah). For those readers who are familiar with the basic Christian Lord’s prayer, the following words should sound familiar: “For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.” (Matthew 6:9-13). God reveals himself through two apostates – the Power, which is the masculine, the active, the assertive part of God, and the Glory, which is the feminine, the passive and receptive part of God. In other words he exercises his power in order to express his glory. Each one of these parts is equally important and cannot exist without the other. The passive part needs the active one in order to assert its actions in the outer world (Eve makes Adam pick up the fruit), but the active part needs the passive one in order to express itself (Adam needs Eve in order to know himself).

Although both energies emanate from the same source and cannot exist one without the other, there are some primary differences between them. In the first place, the masculine energy being more straightforward and direct is more diligent in obeying the God’s Law – the serpent did not succeed in converting directly Adam to its cause. The feminine energy being more receptive and intuitive is in a position to pick up certain spiritual vibrations that could be used to derive particular benefits, especially on the earth plane. In fact, in this case, Eve concluded an agreement with the serpent, which she believed would be beneficial for both her and Adam. Little she knew, though, that these actions would lead to their fall from the Garden of Eden. As a consequence they were cast from there into a world where it hurts to give birth and where one has to work hard to make a living. In essence this was the “death” of which God warned the man and the woman.

The fact that it was Eve who was initially enticed by the serpent has another connotation as well. The whole Universe is based on the battle of the two forces – good and evil. In the Genesis this duality is depicted as God and the serpent. God inhabits his heavenly home, while the serpent is bound to “crawl on its belly and eat dust” (Genesis 2:14). This is another example where the things are depicted allegorically. Crawl on its belly and eat dust means being bound to the physical reality. If we take the serpent to represent the Devil, who is delegated with the responsibility to rule the physical reality on earth, then it becomes obvious why it is represented by a crawling creature. The role of the serpent is not entirely negative, though. After Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of knowledge, as advised by the serpent, their eyes indeed opened and they saw that they were naked. Then they covered themselves with fig leaves, i.e. they started differentiating between good and bad. In this sense the serpent said the truth, because that’s exactly what it promised them – by knowing good from evil they will become like gods.

The bottom line is that Adam and Eve are gradually becoming like gods, because at the end of the day they ate from the fruit of knowledge. The problem is that this process is extremely painful – the life on earth requires hard work to make a living and the childbearing process brings pain. Should Adam have been alone, he probably wouldn’t have touched the forbidden fruit; he would remain in the garden of paradise where he would live in the lap of luxury, but also in complete ignorance. Thus, Adam essentially remained closer to his Father. It was Eve, who initiated the painful process for both of them to become similar to gods. In this respect she alienated herself more from the Father than Adam did. However, from a human perspective, this does not matter at the end, because our spirit is really genderless. It gets reincarnated at least once as a male and once as a female during each of the Great Ages, in order to come into contact with both experiences. These esoteric truths were very well known to ancient people and for this reason the roles of men and women in earliest societies were very well defined.

However, in the humanitarian Age of Aquarius this is all going to change. For the first time in the human history, the earth will undergo dramatic changes that will allow people to express themselves freely and equally, regardless of their nationality, race or sex. Does that mean that we will automatically become all the same? The answer is definitely not. Although for the first time in the human evolution we will be given the opportunity to have equal say in the political and social life, that does not mean that automatically we will be bestowed with the same abilities. Our inner formation will remain different for quite a while and in the coming centuries we will still continue to experience the external reality according to the particular race, nationality or gender to which we belong. It would be complete nonsense to say, for example, that white people generally have the same sense of rhythm, dance and music as black people, or that black people generally are equally good at organizing their material life and place the same emphasis on money and possessions as western people. These differences eventually will fade away with time, but at this stage it is still too early to declare total equality of everybody in everything. Every race, nation or country was created to fulfill particular tasks. Similarly, humanity was divided into two sexes, because certain spiritual lessons can only be learned in one particular gender or another.

A lot of people forget this fact and assume automatically that both sexes are equal by default. The truth is that they are not. Each one of the sexes experiences the external reality differently from the other and that is completely normal. Therefore, there is no need to blame the other part of wrongdoing simply because they do not act and think exactly in the way we do. Some people believe that one of the sexes is “better” than the other. This is not the case too. Although males and females are created for different purposes and fulfill different tasks they both emanate from the same source. The two genders are similar to the left hand and the right hand in the human body. Which one is better? Which one would you prefer to have cut? Although some may say “the right one” or “the left one” the truth is that we need them both in order to function properly. The left hand helps the right one and the right hand helps the left one and we use them both to complete most of the tasks that we do throughout the day. That leads us to the conclusion that neither sex can “win” at the expense of the other. Since they are both hands of the same organism both of them are needed equally in order that the organism functions properly.

However, the difference is in their functions. For example when I sit in front of my laptop in order to write an article for “Universal Mind” I place my right hand on the right side of the keyboard and my left hand on the left side. If I tried to reverse their position on the keyboard so the right hand goes on the left side and the left hand goes on the right side, I wouldn’t be able to write a single word properly. Similarly, a lot of confusion arises between the sexes because their roles in the recent years intermingled.

For thousands of years the roles of men and women in the society were clearly defined. Men were the breadwinners and head of the house. They protected the family and ruled the social life. On the other hand women were mothers, house-keepers and care-givers. They were emotionally supporting their men and were taking care of the progeny. Let’s look again in the Bible and see what Apostle Paul – one of the fathers of the Church – wrote to Ephesians approximately in the year 64 A.D.

“Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is…Wives be subject to your own husbands as to the Lord. For a husband is head of the wife as also Christ is Head of the Church…But as the church is subject to Christ, so also let the wives be subject to their husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her. That He might sanctify her cleansing her by the washing of the water in the word…In the same way the husbands also ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his own wife loves himself…For this cause man shall leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife, and the two shall be one flesh…Nevertheless you also, each one of you, in the same way love your own wife as yourself; and the wife should fear her husband” (Ephesians 5:17-33)

These remarkable sentences give us a significant insight into the foundations upon which the Church was founded in the beginning of the Age of Pisces. The careful analysis of the above text can lead us to the following conclusions.

  • Many of us experience today a huge shock in relation to the total changes associated with the global planetary switch to the new Age of Aquarius. However, the people living 2,000 years ago had to adjust their values to the new (at the time) Age of Pisces, so they experienced similar shock while changing their attitudes and morals which was not less in magnitude.
  • Before the switch to the Age of Pisces occurred, it was normal for a man, living in the previous Age of Aries to cohabit with several women one after another or at the same time, to succumb to lust and desires, including homosexual relationships or to divorce with his wife if she didn’t please him in any way (see my article “The Age of Aquarius” in the May issue of Universal Mind). With the proliferation of Christianity in the beginning of the new millennia the men’s attitude towards their wives had to change radically and this idea is clearly described in the Ephesians.
  • Epistle Paul clearly defines the roles of men and women in the marriage. Note that these ideas are very different to the idea of equality of sexes, typical for our Age of Aquarius.
  • The reason why it is emphasized in the text that the woman should submit to her man is to make sure that the marriage lasts for the duration of the lifetime of both partners. It is a well-known fact that the family is kept together when the woman wants to keep it together. To make a parallel with our Age of Aquarius, 70% of divorces in Australia are initiated by women. In the beginning of the Age of Pisces, the fathers of the Church prevented this from happening by submitting the woman to the man and thus not giving her a choice to do so.
  • The sentence saying that the wives must be a subject to their husbands as the church is a subject to Christ refers to the original sin in the story of Adam and Eve, implying that the man remained closer to his Father by resisting the direct temptation of the serpent. Thus, the hierarchy is formed: God-Christ-Man-Woman-Serpent, with each of those, subjecting to the previous one.
  • The sentence where the man is required to love his wife as part of his own body is truly remarkable one. As we said earlier, if Eve did not exist, Adam would save himself quite a bit of trouble, but since both male and female energies are two parts of the same source, they both have the right of existence and cannot subsist without each other.
  • And finally, the last sentence is also very clever by asking the men to love their wives, while the wives should fear their husbands. In order to keep the family unit together, the man should love his wife and feel incomplete without her as bound to it by his manly nature and sexual urges. It was envisaged that his reward for being the breadwinner, defender and protector of the family would be the satisfaction that there is somebody out there who he loves and cares about. This makes him feel important and strong (in other words it makes him feel like a real man). The text says that the wife on the other side, should fear (or we may use a better word – should respect) her husband, because without respect it is all too easy for her to lose interest in him and associated with it, breakage of the family.
    The common scenario for this last case starts with the initial desire of the woman to dominate the family. This may be provoked by a genuine belief that she knows how to do things better than him. She might be right, but let’s see what happens further. It is all too easy, (especially in the western societies) for the man to give in and to grant her what she wants. However, this process usually does not stop there and the woman then insists to make more and more decisions in the family. The man continues to give in and finally gives up. At the end, the woman is delegated with all the powers and may even become the only decision-maker. The man is convinced that now everything is OK, because he has given her everything that she wanted. However, their roles are now reversed; he is the one who fears her and form this point onwards she loses all her respect towards him and this very often leads to break up. These processes often happen on a subconscious level and often people are not even aware of the reasons why they behave in the way they do. I have seen many cases like this in my practice and can testify that most of the time it all starts with very good intentions, but ends up awfully wrong, basically due to lack of understanding of the nature of men and women. Astrology or studying the ancient scripts is one wonderful eye-opener for many people with problems in their relationships.

In conclusion, I would like to say that since we are almost fully living in the new Age of Aquarius we should be aware of the global changes that are happening. In particular, one great change which that Age brought for women is that it gave them a choice. They can now chose to make a career and participate equally in the social and economic life of the society, or they can chose to dedicate more time to their children or husbands. In previous ages they did not have this choice and were required to become wives and mothers by default. However, embarking on a new Age does not mean that we have to forget all the ancient wisdom and start from scratch. Quite the opposite, we should learn the ancient wisdom and incorporate it into the new conditions of our times. Only by understanding how the things were created in the first place, can we gain insights into why certain trends are emerging at present. With regards to the men-women relationships, it is impossible to understand the other party until we look into the very sources of creation. The Bible for example, can lead us to significant insights in this relation, if we know how to interpret it properly.

Today we concentrated more on the traditional family model, based on the ancient scripts. In the next, final part of this article we will peek into the future in order to see what the Aquarian understanding of a “family” is and how the increasing trend towards homosexuality fits into that model. Finally, we will study the spiritual law of complementing the male and female energies and how this is affecting those of us who are searching for a soul mate.

Part 3

Although the question raised in this article does not appear to be one of the most difficult spiritual topics to discuss, in fact it is! In order to explain it properly we have to have an understanding of some fundamental questions of creation. And indeed, I needed to split this article into three parts in order to answer it properly. Those of you who already read the previous two articles are by now familiar with those concepts; for those of you who haven’t, I recommend that you back-order the last two issues of Universal Mind. To summarize everything that we have said so far, it can be pointed out that the lack of real men can be attributed to the following six major factors:

  1. With the advent of the new Age of Aquarius the traditional family model as we knew it for thousands of years is gradually collapsing.
  2. In this new age, the roles of males and females are not strictly defined, as it used to be in the previous ages, but they intermingle their functions.
  3. As a result, husbands do not love their wives “as their own flesh” and wives do not respect their husbands, as it was supposed to be according to the old scriptures.
  4. Feminism, prosperous career women, draining men’s financial resources during and after divorce, single mothers raising boys and general lack of understanding about men’s psychological needs put masculinity under enormous pressure.
  5. The new “Aquarian” society provides plenty of financial benefits to gay couples and economically penalizes men who want to be good husbands and fathers.
  6. People have expectations to meet a real man or woman, without actually looking at themselves first (i.e. without conforming to the law of complementing of male and female energies).

Today we will elaborate on some of those factors that we haven’t discussed in the previous parts of this article. Let’s first look at the last one. We know that the spirit is genderless and normally incarnates at least twice during each of the Great Years – once as a male and once as a female (for more information on this topic read my article “The Age of Aquarius”,which was published in the May issue of “Universal Mind”). This fact does not mean that the spirit itself does not have its preferences. Quite frequently certain spirits exhibit strong inclinations towards one particular sex or another. The main idea of the spirit being incarnated in a human body is for the spirit to learn certain spiritual lessons, which cannot be learned otherwise in the spiritual world.

One may be inclined to think that the sex into which it incarnates does not matter, since the spirit itself does not posses a gender and so can easily fit into whatever body it wants. However, this is not the case. After the death, the physical body is bound to decomposition and decay, but the essence of it remains in the memory banks of the spirit. This is necessary, because in the time between the death and the new incarnation, when the spirit lives in the spiritual world, its main task is to ruminate over its past lives and the last one in particular. By re-living again what it had done right or wrong before, the spirit develops impulses that allow it to redeem its bad karma in its next life and it learns how not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Certain spiritual lessons can be learned in a male or a female body only, so the spirit needs to be incarnated in a particular sex if it wants to learn a particular lesson. However, if the spirit is strongly inclined to be reborn over and over again in its “favourite” sex, then it can have a problem adjusting to the body of the opposite sex, when the need for this arises. The tendency in the new Age of Aquarius is to intermingle the functions of males and females so eventually the differences between them are obliterated. For the clairvoyant observer it is obvious that a significant number of spirits that are now incarnated as women were previously incarnated at least three or four times in a sequence as men.

Let’s do the following exercise in order to understand better what that means. Leave the magazine in front of you for a minute and fold your arms without thinking. Note the position of your hands. Now try to fold your arms by reversing the position of your hand, for example if your left hand was on the top of the right one, fold them again but place your right hand on the top of the left one. Does it feel comfortable?

Something similar happens with the spirit, when it has been reincarnated several times into one particular gender and then it finds itself into the body of the opposite sex. It just does not feel comfortable enough. Similar to a new pair of shoes, it takes some time before one can adjust itself to the new conditions. In other words, although the spirit is quintessentially genderless it is not free from bias and it can comprise a bit more or less of the feminine or the masculine energy, depending on its preferences. The ideal, completed and perfectly balanced spirit comprises 50% male and 50% female energy. When such a spirit incarnates into a human body it imbues the energy of that body and forms a perfect organism that is free from bias and both masculine and feminine energies flow in harmony. If the spirit is embodied already with a certain surplus of one type of energy, a misbalance is created that sometimes may last a lifetime to fix.

Every human, however masculine or feminine may appear to us externally, in fact comprises a certain percentage of the opposite sex energy. For example Arnold Schwarzenegger consists of about 90% male energy and 10% female, Al Pachino has about 85% male energy, while some new age celebrities like Brad Pitt are just above 70%. The existence of female energy in males does not make them women; it just indicates the presence of their intuitive, receptive and imaginative part. Similarly the female sex-symbol of the 80s, 90s and even till present day – Madonna has a little bit over 60% female and about 40% male energy. This does not prevent her from arousing sexually millions of men around the world. One quick look at her website www.madonna.com shows that nearly all 54 concerts, comprising her 2004 world tour in May, June, July and August were sold out long before the event. So, the bottom line is that every individual comprises male and female energy at the same time, which is completely normal. In fact, it is actually beneficial for us in the new Age of Aquarius to develop these to a more or less equal level, thus having the benefits of both worlds.

The spiritual law of complementing the male and female energies states that two partners form a perfect couple, if their male and female energies complement each other to 100%. What does that means? That means that if for example the man has 80% male and 20% female energy, he will form a perfect union with a woman, which has 80% female and 20% male energy. In this case both their male and female parts will be complemented to 100%.

One of the greatest mysteries between sexes is the question: Why on earth do men get attracted by women and women get attracted by men? Well, the reason is exactly this: we are attracted by people that have in excess the type of energy that we are lacking ourselves. Men generally lack female energy and women lack male energy, so that is why they get desperate sometimes to find it in another person. You merge with another person in order to replenish your deficit of a particular type of energy (male or female), while the other person is doing exactly the same with you. In case you complement your male and female energies with those of your partner exactly to 100%, then you may think about “living happily ever after”. Until this happens, however, the search goes on.

This also explains many otherwise inexplicable behavioural patterns. For example, career women that hate men and don’t need them in their lives. When observing such women with a clairvoyant eye it is apparent that although physically they appear very sexy and feminine, in fact they have a great excess of male energy. Frequently, the last three or four incarnations of such spirits can be traced back in men’s bodies. Looking at them from this perspective their behaviour becomes logical and justified. What they learn, however, is how to develop greater femininity within themselves. Although they often say that they are happy and content living on their own, emotional blows, inexplicable loneliness, irrational moodiness and often general dissatisfaction in life will force them to examine themselves deeper.

By using the spiritual law of complementing the male and female energies, we can explain even such hard to tackle topics as homosexuality, for example. For years and years people cannot understand this phenomenon. This applies not only for the “clever” professors in psychology and psychiatry, but also for the gay men and women themselves. Traditionally, people thought that homosexuality is some form of disease. This is so far away from the truth as black is from white. You will never see somebody catching the “bug” and becoming a homosexual if this predisposition weren’t already within him or herself. I don’t think you will ever see somebody who will become gay, simply because he “caught the bug” from the guy sitting next to him in the public transport, for example.

The statement that homosexuality is not a disease is proven also by the fact that no one ever got “cured” from being gay. People can suppress more or less their inclinations, but the inclinations themselves never go away by means of medical, psychological or any other treatment. This brings us to the conclusion that homosexuality is inborn in the person by birth.

Although the above statement is very true, a lot of scientists make the mistake to attribute homosexuality to some “gay gene” that is passed from parents to children. This theory is crashed into pieces by careful research, for by studying the family trees of gay people we can see that it is clearly not supported. The chance that gay people have gay parents or grandparents is not greater than the general distribution of gay people within the society – namely about 5%. Gay people are born all the time in the families of perfectly “normal” parents and grandparents. At the same time, there are plenty of gay sperm donors, whose children’s sexual orientation is not affected in any way.

So while it is apparent that the individual is predisposed by birth to be homosexual or not, this is not because of the existence of some “gay gene”, but because of the specific organization of his emotional and psychological world. In other words, the real reasons for this phenomena are rooted not in the physical, but in the astral body of the individual. Here, astrology as a science studying the composition of the astral body can help us a great deal. In 99% of the cases, I can determine according to the astrological chart if the person in question has this predisposition or not. That means that homosexuality is inborn, but not genetically into the physical body. It is inborn astrally into the astral body of the individual.

And indeed, this is easily explained by the law of complementing the male and female energies too. The so-called “normal” man appears to the clairvoyant as an unbalanced person, comprising a great deal of male energy and just a little bit of female. Due to this imbalance in his aura, he is bound for an eternal search for a woman, who will make available to him the lacking femininity within himself. The “real” gay person appears also very unbalanced, but in the other way round – desperately lacking male energy. And then, there are the bisexual people, who appear more or less balanced and who fill in the grey area.

We will now classify men according to their sexual preferences in order to understand this concept better. Generally, all men can be divided into three major groups:

  • Heterosexual men. These are the ones, which society in general describes as “normal”. Their masculine energy level is usually 2-3 times higher then their feminine energy level. They are strongly attracted to women and make the perfect marriage material. Quite the contrary to the popular belief that most men fit into this group, their percentage in the society is in fact only about 65%.
  • Homosexual men. These are the ones, who are openly leading a gay life. They are not afraid to show on Mardi Gras parades, go out in gay pubs, clubs or other places and normally are open about their sexuality to their parents and friends. Their masculine energy level is usually 2-3 times lower then the feminine and for this reason they are attracted exclusively to other men only. Their percentage in society is usually low – about 5%, although some sources insist that they are up to 10%. Society in general makes the huge mistake to associate homosexuality with this small group of people only, without accounting for the massive third group.
  • Bisexual men. These are the men, filling in the gray area, with a masculine level varying between 40 to 60%. Their percentage to the total population is not less then 30%. In other words we are talking about every third man here. Bear in mind also that “bisexual” is a very broad term, ranging from very occasional encounters to almost exclusive encounters with the same sex partners. The behavioural pattern that these men follow, varies and it is directly determined by the level of “openness” of the society in general. If the society is prohibitive about gay relationships, then bisexual men tend to get married and suppress the impulses that come from within them. A superficial glance on the surface of such societies normally shows that the total percentage of gay people is 5% or less, because due to the fear of harassment and maltreatment, gay encounters become extremely covert. If, however, the society is tolerant and open about it (as the western society increasingly becomes), then they may vacillate in their choices or may even declare themselves as “gay” while in fact, strictly speaking, they are not.
    One typical example is the Russian society. I happened to live there for nearly 6 years exactly in the transitional period from communism to capitalism, i.e. from 1987 to 1993 (More information about my life pattern you can find in the About Me section of my web page). In the beginning of this period, the official statistics was that gay people do not exist in the communist society. And indeed, by merely observing the surface of the social order, one could not notice any traces of homosexuality. Yet, gay people existed as always, but in fear of being persecuted they operated underground, gathered in undisclosed private places, had their own secret language and symbolism in order to recognize each other, and behaved in pronouncedly masculine manner, when dealing with the general public.

The first thing what Boris Yeltzsin did when he came to power was to abolish the law, which criminalized gay relationships. Since then, I witnessed a gradual tendency in ever increasing number of gays and by the time of my departure, the famous gay newspaper “Blue Moscow” was in circulation, publishing thousands of phone numbers of guys who wanted to get in touch. A simple research on the internet today can prove that this tendency has now escalated to a level, where one can be very doubtful that Sydney and not Moscow is actually the gay capital of the world. The Russian reality today is that the people that classify themselves as gay or bisexual is very high (P.S. The article talks about the 90’s and the beginning of the 00’s).

The huge shift in consciousness in identifying oneself as “gay” or “straight” comes up from a lack of understanding of male sexuality. Things are not black and white. In fact, the grey area is huge, but still not many people want to recognize that fact. The first ones who do not want to recognize this fact are the heterosexual men themselves. The reason being is that every man has had at least one homosexual encounter in his life. This is especially typical for boys in their teenage years, when they are hyper-sexual and are curious to see if their best mates are getting aroused and react sexually in the same way as they do. This is completely normal. Nearly every man passes through this stage. At the same time, however, nearly everybody is reluctant to admit it.

I have consulted hundreds of men and every time when this topic comes up, they shut up like a clamp. If I insist to bring the issue, though, more often than not they admit that they had had at least one sexual encounter with another man (and sometimes more than one), but they hate to think about themselves as being gay, because they do not feel this way. When I tell them that most other men are in their position, at first they feel surprised, but then they feel relieved. No man is an island. We are all creations of the same God, and it is certain that what happened to one of us, for sure happened to many others as well.

The key word here is communication, because through sharing our experiences we realize that we are not isolated, weird, anomalous sinners, but real people made from flesh and blood, with all our virtues and pitfalls. Besides, it is quite obvious that millions of gay people around the globe are not created “by mistake” and that there is a great plan behind it. I may write in some of my next articles about the exact reasons why homosexuality exists in the first place and what purpose it serves in the society, if there is reader’s interest about it. In this respect your feedback on this topic or about my articles in general, will be greatly appreciated. Please, drop me a line on info@lubomir.name .

In conclusion I would like to say that being a real man in today’s western society became a really tough call. Masculinity is under fire by a variety of factors. Most of these are listed in the beginning of this article. Naturally, there are many more which we did not even consider here, due to the constraint in space. Masculinity is not something that always was there and always will be there by default. It is something that has to be nurtured and cultivated. As one needs to put a lot of effort to produce bread and put it on the table, so similarly one needs to put a lot of effort to evolve into a real man. Not everybody will have the strength, the stamina and the willpower to develop it, especially when the society in general is opposing his efforts. Many men will opt to take the easy way out. In this regard, the role of women can be especially helpful. If women behave as real ladies, they can act as catalysts for men to grow as real men. Everything in the Universe is interconnected and this holds true especially strongly in the relationships between sexes. We should stop blaming, and start changing ourselves. The external reality is a mere projection of the internal reality. When a woman changes herself and becomes a real lady, the real men will start appearing in her life for sure!