‘Introduction to Western Astrology’

by Lubomir Tchervenkov


Nowadays most people know what their zodiacal sign is. We all have read in magazines and newspapers what ‘Leo’ or ‘Libra’ is supposed to be like. Despite some accurate hits, most people cannot fully fit into the 12 standard descriptions of the zodiac signs. However, many people believe that astrology is an accurate and true science. What underlines its success?

Everyone has a unique astrological chart, which is determined by the date, time and place of birth. In every chart, the planets are always located in different positions relative to one another. There are billions of combinations how they can arrange themselves in the sky. The planets are in perpetual motion. Each subsequent grouping is always different from all of the previous patterns and it is always unique. As you will never find two people with exactly the same fingerprints, so you will never find two people with exactly the same astrological chart. Yet there is a simple method that we can employ, which can teach us how to interpret any horoscope by ourselves with quite a high degree of precision and without the need to study the astrological mechanisms in too much depth.

This method is based on the interpretation of the most important planetary placements. They are not as many as one may think. Employing this simple customised approach yields much more accurate astrological descriptions, than simply reading the general portrayals of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The Zodiacal sign of a person is determined by the position of the sun in the Zodiac. However, this is only one component. In addition to this, we should also take into account where the Moon, Mercury, Venus and other planets are located. The interpretation of these placements can give us a far more accurate and fair description about someone’s personality rather than just the location of the sun alone. Then we also have to take into account the position of the planets in astrological houses, the aspects between them, the rising sign (the Ascendant) and the MC. When we do this, we get a total of about 400 basic astrological placements (or elements). They are all described in detail in this book.

These basic ‘simple’ astrological elements form billions of different combinations in their different arrangements. They relate to the complex astrological map of a person in the same way as ‘simple’ chemical elements make up billions of the most diverse and complex chemicals, compounds and physical objects on the planet. However, all of them are built by the 117 (so far discovered) elements of the periodic table of Mendeleev. Similarly, simply by mixing and matching the aforementioned 400 astrological elements in different proportions, an unimaginable variety of human subjects is created.

We should not delude ourselves that we are so unique and exceptional that no element in our own chart cannot be found in the chart of any other person. Of course, if someone, for example, has Moon in Taurus and Venus in Scorpio, it is quite possible to find many other people, whose charts repeat this arrangement of elements. However, the way in which all of the astrological elements in our charts are arranged is unique to us alone. For example, there is a great variety of houses in the world. However, they are all built, employing the same few basic types of bricks and tiles. The bricks and the tiles themselves are not unique. But the manner of their arrangement is. By mixing them in an unimaginable number of different ways, we can build millions of different houses, each with its own unique architecture.

It can be said that the astrological charts of each individual consists of about 30 major astrological elements, which are combined in a unique way. They are taken from a pool of about 400 elements. Depending on which 30 items will be drawn from the pool and how exactly they will be arranged, millions of different combinations are possible. However, all you need to do is to find the relevant 30 texts for the relevant 30 astrological combinations in the book and read them. Then you will be in possession of a very accurate personal horoscope. You can do this by yourself, and you don’t need to resort to the services of a professional astrologer. Similarly, you can get the interpretation of the charts of your partners, relatives, friends and family members. In this way, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars!

The calculation of astrological charts these days is not a complicated task, because there are many free online calculators on the Internet that can do this in minutes. This book also teaches you how to do this step by step in the first chapter. However, the trick is how to interpret the calculated chart. The real value of this book lies in the fact that it will help you do just that. Moreover, we are not talking about some superficial brief connotations. We are talking about in depth professional, astrological interpretations. Many of people’s problems are buried deep into their subconscious. The only way to fight with them is to unearth them. This book will help you dig deep to get to them.  Discover how with great ease and without any prior knowledge of astrology, you will be able to interpret any astrological chart. The validity of every sentence written in this book is proven in practice and it is the essence of many years of astrological study and practice. The book contains hundreds of real life examples and it gives you practical advice about how to overcome certain negative astrological trends and influences. Almost every interpretation is supported with several examples, taken from the charts of some famous people – celebrities, scientists, politicians, moviemakers and astrologers. These people have exercised a great influence to shape the world into what it is today. Their charts are used as an example as to what you can reach too, if you are born with a similar astrological element in your chart.

This is a ‘Teach Yourself’ textbook about western astrology. Its biggest advantages are listed below:

• Western astrology is based on scientific knowledge.
• The interpretations of planetary energies are easy to read, because they are based on the simple to understand symbolism of ancient Greek mythology.
• It borrows methods of psychoanalysis and psychosynthesis, the founders of which are Sigmund Freud and Bruno Huber.
• Western astrology digs deep into the subconscious and brings the causes of all our actions into light. In such a way, it heals us.
• It recognizes that modern humanity has a free will.
• It helps people to make informed decisions.
• It helps people to become true masters of their own destiny.
• Western astrology is a practical science. It assists in solving specific problems of our life – relationships, work, career, children, health and so on.

The book is written by the professional astrologer Lubomir Tchervenkov. He is born and raised in Bulgaria; got his master’s degree in engineering in Russia, worked in Malta and since 1998 he is living and practicing astrology in Australia. In 2012, he obtained a Master’s degree in education in the prestigious Australian Edith Cowan University. He is author of three astrological books, published in Sofia, Bulgaria; he regularly appears on forums, seminars, conferences and on TV.

This book will:

• Teach you how to interpret your own horoscope.
• Explain to you how to calculate with ease the horoscope of your partners, relatives, friends and family members.
• Assist you to know yourself from a scientific, astrological perspective.
• Guide you how to use the maximum potential of your gifts and talents.
• Direct you how to work on your shortcomings.
• Help you to become a better person.
• Reveal to you the hidden mechanisms of how changing from the inside, you will be able to change your destiny.
• Teach you how to become a true master of your own fate, not just in words, but in deeds.
• Retain its value in time, because the information revealed in it does not get old.
• Save you a lot of money for astrological readings.
•Be one of the best investments that you have ever made.

The book “Introduction to Western Astrology is published by the Publishing House “Kibea” (www.kibea.net) and can be found in all major bookstores in Bulgaria and many online stores. ISBN 954474540-8

I am looking for a publisher who is eager to translate and publish this 1000 page book in English. If you think you can help, please, contact me on info@Lubomir.name