“Astrology Chart of the Bulgarian Ethnos”

by Lubomir Tchervenkov

Usually astrologers work with charts of individuals. However, it is possible to work also with charts of entire nations. The difference is that the charts of individuals describe positive and negative traits in those people’s characteristics, while charts of nations describe the mentality or the entire ethnos. It is described in the same way – by the interpretation of the ascendant, the position of planets in signs, the positions of the planets in houses and the planetary aspects. Thus, through astrology, we get a very good idea for those traits that are inherent generally to all Bulgarians. Given this knowledge, the Bulgarian people receive a weapon in their hands. This will help them to not only overcome the current very difficult period of their history, but also to survive well into the future. In order to achieve this, first our people need to get acquainted with this book. And then we need to begin to use our inherent strengths to overcome our shortcomings.
400 pages large format deluxe edition paperback, white offset paper with 18 color illustrations and graphics, each book is individually packaged in waterproof cellophane.

Publishing House “Propeller”, 2016

ISBN 978-954-392-380-9

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“Bulgaria – Astrological Prognosis for the 21st Century”

A Key from the Stars to Unlock the Historical Destiny and Mission of the Bulgarians

by Lubomir Tchervenkov

The Bulgarian people have the privilege and the challenge to be born and to live in a unique period of their history. During 2012-2018, the progressed positions of the two most influential planets which govern the destinies of nations and states, (namely Jupiter and Saturn) are standing in the astrological chart of Bulgaria perfectly still with striking synchronicity! Such an event has never happened before in the 14 centuries of Bulgarian history so far and it is not likely to be repeated again in the foreseeable future. For further details, please read the book.

Publishing House Kibea, 2014

ISBN 978-954-474-639-1

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Introduction to Western Astrology

Interpret your natal chart – The influence of the Ascendant, Planets in Signs Planets in Houses and Planetary Aspects

by Lubomir Tchervenkov

Publishing House Kibea, 2010

ISBN 954474540-8

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The Date of Birth of Bulgaria

by Lubomir Tchervenkov et al.

The book contains the reports of four prominent Bulgarian astrologers, who attempt to discover which is the true date of birth of Bulgaria.

The book contains a lot of additional information about various methods in mundane astrology

Publisher “Propeller”

ISBN 9789543920259

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