Relocation Astrology Report (A*C*G)

This report is the baby born out of the union between the ancient science of astrology and the modern computer technologies. The most basic approach is to recalculate the natal chart for the subject with exactly the same date and time of birth, but for the new location of interest. This can be very revealing, because it allows the individual to see if he or she may be happier or more successful there. This concept is not new. Its traditions can be traced back to at least the Chaldeans. However, they did not use it extensively, as the creation of relocation maps requires multitude of manual calculations. Also the quality of the obtained results depends largely on the availability of accurate geographical maps.

In contemporary times, this technique was resurrected by the American astrologer Jim Lewis (1941 – 1995). He created and copyrighted his unique title A*G*C, which stands for Astro*Carto*Graphy. According to his method, the angular positions of the planets are plotted on the terrestrial map. It was he, who first developed detailed astrological world maps, commissioned specialised computer software and wrote a systematic, interpretational analysis. In other words, he took what was before an obscure technique and converted it into an accessible and complete commercial, astrological package. A*G*C allows for the effortless interpretation of a relocation chart for any single place on the globe.

A sample screen shot of a relocation report (without the interpretations) is shown below.

Relocation mapHowever, today we possess scientific tools to determine which areas are the most suitable for business, love, holiday and so forth. Sometimes, I have clients who have been offered a job in another city and they want to know what they can expect in the new place. In other cases, people want to know what will be the best location for their retirement. Sometimes people from different cities (or countries) get married and they want to know where it would be best for them to settle down as a couple. All these queries can be answered scientifically using the relocation astrology technique.It is known, that when people move to live in new locations, the planetary energies are not the same. These new energies interact with their natal charts and can change their destiny in many respects. It is not accidental, that in certain geographical locations we can run a booming business, while in others, our efforts seem to be fruitless, no matter how hard we try. The same applies to our career, which can be prosperous in certain cities, but not in others. In some places we seem to become an object of attention easily or constantly fall in love. The list goes on and on. The traditional approach has been the one of trial and error, until we finally discover by experience what place works for us and what doesn’t.

Here we have to stress out that the “perfect” place in general does not exist. Each place is good for something, but may not be quite suitable for something else. Sometimes, it is possible to have several planetary lines passing through the same geographical location. Then, this place may be suitable for both business and love, for example. But not everyone is so lucky.

It is important to remember also, that the energies described in the natal chart are many times stronger than the relocation chart. For example, if business potential is not indicated at all in the natal chart, it would be very difficult to become a successful businessman in any part of the globe. Conversely, a person who has a lot of business potential by birth is likely to be successful to a certain degree even in the most unsuitable places. The same applies to love, family, health issues and so on. For more information about the natal chart, please click here. Ideally, these two energies should be matched, i.e. when certain potential is outlined in the natal chart and the person lives in the right geographical location, then he has all the chances to develop it fully and be extremely successful in his field.

The relocation report contains detailed interpretation about what you can expect in any three locations on your choice. Using this information you can find your perfect spot for business and career, romance, holiday and so on. If you don’t have any particular place in mind, but you would like to know in which district you are most likely to run a successful business for example, then I will be able to point this out to you. The same principle applies, if you wish to find your perfect holiday spot, a location where a lot of romance is to be expected, or the regions which will have a soothing effect on your health. The three locations on your choice can be made up of any combinations from the options above. For example, you may wish to order a relocation report for two cities (let’s say Sydney and New York) and the best place for vacation.


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