FAQ About Astrology

Is Astrology Scientific?

In antiquity, people noticed that the majority of stars were stationary in respect to each other. They called these stars ‘fixed’. They observed that there were five visible stars which in contrast to the others, were revolving about the Earth, confined to a narrow line. This line, called the ecliptic, loops around the Earth at a certain angle. In fact, the ecliptic is the same line traversed by the Sun, the Moon and the five visible stars. Gradually astrologers divided the belt of the ecliptic into 12 sections and named each one of them after the fixed stars’ constellations that they observed ‘behind’ them. Most of them are named after animals, where specific characteristics best describe the energy, emanated from each constellation. This is how the Zodiac was born.

Furthermore, men observed that when a planet passes through a certain section of the Zodiac it triggers certain events. Babies born at this time share the same characteristics. In their constant travel along the ecliptic, planets move from one sign of the Zodiac to another. After some period of time they ‘return’ to the same sign where they were previously. Babies born in different years, but during the time, when a particular planet is passing through the same sign of the Zodiac, also show very similar traits, pertaining to the domain ruled by this planet.

The correlation between different planetary positions and human behaviour has been studied for thousands of years and nowadays we are in possession of an enormous database, which is constantly growing even larger. Therefore astrology operates on a purely scientific approach. To explain this let us first be clear to ourselves what is the principle on which modern science operates? Scientists make observations in the material world and note when under certain circumstances we always observe the same physical outcomes. Then these repeating outcomes are formulated as physical laws. This is how the 1st, 2nd and 3rd laws of Newton, the law of gravity and so on were formulated.

Astrology operates exactly on the same principle. First the planetary positions at the time of birth of a particular person are noted and then his or her behaviour is observed. We can see that always when two people are born under the same planetary influences they always exhibit similar behaviour patterns in relation to that particular planetary position in question. For example, if two babies are born just a few minutes apart, but exactly at the time when the Sun switches its position from Libra to Scorpio, they will behave in a completely different manner when they grow up. The first one most probably will be charming, peaceful and amicable, while the second one will be intense, forceful and passionate. This behaviour has been researched over thousands of years, it has been very well documented and it forms the scientific base on which astrology operates.

How did astrology evolve – and where from?

Originally, astronomy and astrology formed one science and were collectively depicted as one word. Largely this was due to the fact that all ‘sciences’ at that time were very closely amalgamated with religion. Ancient people considered everything that happens in the physical world as a direct consequence of spirits and their deeds. This view included not only the influence of the planets upon men (astrology), but also their orbits, rotation and trajectories (astronomy), as well as their chemical composition or physical structure (chemistry and physics).

I have to mention here in brackets that it is time for the ‘modern’ scientist today to get away from their rigid materialistic view of the Universe and to start learning more from this ancient wisdom. If they chose to do so, they would become aware of the fact that the reality behind ‘material substance’ is not ‘atoms’, ‘molecules’ or ‘ultimate particles’, as they believe, but is essentially spirit! The frequency of vibration of these particles, their composition and behaviour can be explained only, once we comprehend the nature of the spirits, creating and controlling them.

For example scientist today still do not have a suitable explanation of what is gravity. They can describe the gravitational law and measure it, but they still do not know what is creating that force, located at the centre of the Earth that is pulling all the matter towards itself. They only will become to comprehend this phenomena and (everything else for that matter) when they start looking at the world around us, not just as a mechanical composition of matter, but as made essentially from spirit, that is creating, modifying, moving and shaping that very matter.

With the advance of materialism, astronomy and astrology formed two separate branches of science. Astronomy specialized in studying the physical movements of the planets and their chemical structure. Quite the contrary, astrology is not interested in the mechanical or chemical build-up of the planets at all, but it studies the invisible energies emanated from the planets that influence people on an emotional and mental plane, which ultimately tends to shape their lives.

Astrology has several different branches. The most popular in the western world is what we call western astrology. This branch of astrology is very closely related to psychology. We all know, for example, that certain people can have a very high sexual drive, or others can always engage in dual relationships, or yet some others very rarely engage in any sexual relationship at all, due to inhibitions. Any type of such behaviour can always be seen in the chart. Astrology today can be used to find out the real reasons for this behaviour, which are often buried in the subconscious mind. Once this is done, ways can be found to dramatically improve oneself.

With the advance of technology, I believe that astrology will become more and more prominent science. Once equipment will be developed that will be able to accurately photograph and observe the subtle human bodies, such as the ethereal and the astral, a direct relationship will be found between the astrological chart and the structure of these bodies. At this stage, astrology will be recognised as an official science, used widely in every aspect in our lives  and will become a major subject of study at school.

How Does Astrology Work?

The birth chart is a wheel, depicting the exact position of all the planets in the signs of the Zodiac, their house positions and aspects that they formed in the precise moment of your birth. The data that it is required in order to produce your natal report is your date, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your exact time of birth, you can first visit me for a preliminary half-an-hour consultation. On this consultation I will determine your time of birth.

At the moment of birth, the planetary positions imprint their mark on the individual and over the time I learned how to match what I see depicted on my computer as a chart with what I see in front of me as a real person. This effectively allows me to determine the time of birth. The time of birth can be also determined by photographs. In this case I will need 2 or 3 photographs preferably from different angles. If I am in doubt, I will have to ask you some additional questions, about the timing of the important events in your life and work out your chart backwards from there. This process is calledrectification.

The natal chart is your life book. It is an objective and impartial description of your character. It outlines your strengths and weakness and points out any possible psychological problems that you might have. Many people live their lives without even knowing the hidden subconscious forces that are driving them through life. The only effective way to fight the deep-rooted, psychological, negative tendencies is to bring them into the conscious mind.  The most difficult part in defeating a psychological problem is recognizing it. In this respect the personal, natal report is irreplaceable and the amount of good it can do to people is unmeasurable.

Scientists still do not know precisely yet what type of energy is emanated from the planets and how this energy exactly works on us. What we do know for sure, however, is that they are affecting us on every possible level of our existence. It is a proven fact, that when a certain planet is at certain position, babies born during this time always exhibit the same characteristics. This data has been recorded over thousands of years and more and more charts have been done every day, so the database is growing even larger. The recorded data always confirms the correlation between planetary positions and human behaviour.

The exact way in which the planets work on us is irrelevant. The important thing to acknowledge here is, that they do affect us. All we need to know at this stage is the relationship between the cause and the effect. In other words, it is important to study how the planetary positions affects us, rather then concentrate on the question how exactly this is happening. A lot of people do not know how exactly the radio waves work, but this does not prevent them to operate the radio. One day, scientists will develop equipment, which will be capable to record the extremely high frequency vibrations, which belong to the ethereal, astral and mental levels. At present stage, it is quite adequate to learn the relationship between planetary positions and their effect on humans.

What Can Astrology Reveal About Us?

The natal chart of a person is like a life road map. It describes the main strengths and weaknesses of the individual; it depicts the ego, the attitude towards money and possessions, the main sources of income and the way in which the mind operates and processes information. The attitude towards the parents can also be derived from it; if one of the parents had a particular bearing on the individual during his formidable years this will be clearly shown in the chart. Other factors that will show up are the attitude towards relatives, brothers and sisters, the conditions in the home where the individual grew up and the conditions in the home which he or she established later. The natal chart shows also the attitude of the individual towards sex, pleasurable romance and transient or permanent relationships. The chart will show impartially if the individual really possesses any psychic or healing abilities. A lot can be said also about the possibilities of distant travel, career direction and opportunities, group or social involvement and so on and so on. If the chart is studied in depth, it can shed light on previous incarnations of the individual and stresses the main tasks which have to be completed in this life. In few words, the personal natal   report can give us answers about every aspect of our lives!

It is important to know though, that planets do not determine entirely all events of your future. You possess a free will! The influence of the planets can be compared with the tides of the ocean. If the man decides to swim with the tides, he will be completely under the influence of the stars and in this case his life can be easily predictable. If, however, he decides consciously to swim in another direction, then he is exercising his free will and only then he becomes a true master of his own fate. This may not be always easy, but it is quite achievable to everyone, who is patient, faithful and persevere in the chosen direction. This is exactly what it is required from us in the new Age of Aquarius, in which we live today.

Astrology can help us enormously in this respect. Initially, it may seem that resisting the compelling force of the stars is a very difficult task. However, if a person is aware that he possesses certain negative traits (for example by studying carefully and objectively his own astrology chart) and is constantly trying to overcome his shortcomings, then after some time this task becomes quite habitual. In fact, not long after the individual decides to exercise his free will continuously, he or she notices with surprise that their behaviour improves dramatically and they wonder how they could have acted otherwise before. All that is needed is some perseverance and faith. In my practice as a professional astrologer I met many people, who after reading their natal report decided consciously to work on improving some of their flaws and indeed after some time they became completely different persons.

How can we read our birth chart – or do you need an expert to do this for you?

There are a lot of sites in the Internet where one can input the birth data in order to obtain a natal chart. However, interpreting the chart is the real art. It requires a lot of knowledge, many years of experience and maybe even a gift from above in order to find the right words to describe what the chart reveals for this person. One of the reason why so many people still argue that astrology is not actually a science, is exactly this. Two astrologers looking at the same chart, will use different words to interpret it. But the same can be said about many other branches of science, which are commonly accepted today as official. For example, two doctors, looking at exactly the same X-ray will use different words to describe what they see. Often they will even put two different diagnoses. Yet, nobody is questioning the validity of medical science.

Therefore, there are two ways to go about reading our own chart. We can either enroll in astrology class, or study astrology at home, or we can use the services of a professional astrologer. The first path is more difficult, it takes many years of dedicated effort, but it is also much more rewarding, because then we will not need an interpreter to tell us what the chart “speaks” to us. The knowledge in this case will come slowly and we will open up to embrace it gradually, when we are ready for it. The second option of consulting a professional astrologer is also very valid and it gives quick results for those who want to start benefiting from this ancient wisdom, without the need of long years of preparation. For the same reason we use the services of plumbers, electricians, builders and other professionals. The difference with astrology is, of course, the result that it may produce in the soul of the individual in question.

We should relate to astrology with reverence. If we happen to deal with incompetent plumber, for instance, then our kitchen can be flooded, but this is something that still can be fixed relatively easy. Once upon a time only certain selected people could study astrology. This was most of the time done in secret societies and it was part of an initiation process. Today there are plenty of books dedicated to this topic. Some of them are really very good. My first book in astrology many years ago was “Parker’s Astrology” by Julia and Derek Parker. I think this is a very good starter book for anyone, who wants to know the basics of the western astrology. As far as I am aware, this book has been printed many times over the years and it is still available in the book stores upon request.

Alternatively, there are plenty of web sites that give interpretation of what is the meaning of the Sun in the 1st house, or Moon in Capricorn and so on. Some good interpretations of your chart you can find on my web site in the Links section. However, nothing can replace the services of a professional astrologer that you trust and that “clicks” with you. There is nothing wrong to pay for the services of somebody that has many years experience and knows his field extremely well. A written natal chart can contain the wisdom and knowledge of many generations astrologers and can bring many positive changes in your life.

What Does the Sun Sign Represent?

The Sun is depicting our outer appearance, or how we present ourselves to other people. It is our as to speak façade. The Sun is the person’s Will to Be and thus the generator of all the energy of life. Tapping its potential gives to the person the ability to express the true Self in the exterior world and draw boundless strength from that unlimited Source. The purposes to which that strength is put is a vital determining factor of one’s destiny. The Sun is to a human as the nucleus is to the atom. Even though thoughts, emotions and physical functions are separate aspects of your total being, each draws energy from the centre (the Sun) in order to fulfil its particular life purpose. This centre corresponds to the heart in the physical body. The Sun is also associated with the circulatory system, the spinal cord and growth in general. In a birth chart the Sun reveals the outward, conscious characteristics of an individual, that is to say what he/she wants to project consciously outward and how he/she wants to be perceived by others.

Since the position of the Sun can be determined relatively easy by the date of birth, most people nowadays know their Sun sign. In other words, if a person is born say on 10th of December he will know that he is Sagittarian. This actually means that the Sun as observed from the Earth was in front of the constellation of fixed stars that we call Sagittarius. Irrespective of what year this person is born, the Sun on that date is always in that constellation. Thus most people know their Sun sign and willingly or unwillingly they behave into what the “Sagittarian” or “Taurean” is supposed to be like. However, the position of the Sun is only one small aspect compared to the complexity of the whole chart.

In fact, the main argument that we constantly hear from people, who do not believe in astrology is that people are far too complex creatures and cannot be divided simply into 12 categories. And indeed, I have to admit that the horoscopes appearing in some newspapers and magazines did a lot of harm to the good name of astrology. This was done primarily through the wide broadcast of the misconception that according to astrology all people are simply divided into 12 groups.  However, even a brief acquaintance with the main astrological techniques will convince the reader that the above statement has no grounds at all.

The ten planets of the Solar system (including the Sun and the Moon) can be in each one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac at the time of your birth. At the same time they can also be in each one of the 12 astrological houses, and their precise position will be determined by the daily rotation of the Earth around its own axis. So, we already have 12 times 12, times 10, which are 1440 combinations. But this is just the beginning. Each one of the ten planets can make about a dozen different aspects to each one of the other planets (some of these are positive and some of them are negative), depending on the angular positions between the planets. In addition, each one of these aspects will have a different interpretation according to the sign and house position of the planets involved. It becomes clear that there are millions and even billions of possible combinations and that even 5 or 10 minutes difference in the birth time will produce people, who can be quite different from each other. I myself have made thousands of charts in my practice. I never saw two people who have exactly the same birth charts and I never will.

What Does the Moon Sign Mean?

In the same way as the Sun brings the light to the sign in which it finds itself at the time of a person’s birth, the Moon lights up the darker zones of consciousness; it governs our instinctive and intuitive reactions. The Moon also reveals the characteristics we have inherited from our parents and previous generations and the influence that they have on us. Most people know what their Sun sign is according to their day of birth. This is so because the Sun makes one full revolution around all the signs of the Zodiac for one calendar year. Therefore, the Sun changes sign approximately every 30 days or once a month, but the Moon changes sign approximately every 2-3 days.

The difference between our Sun sign and our Moon sign is that we will consciously act according to our Sun sign, but will act subconsciously according to our Moon sign. This will be particularly apparent in an emergency situation, when we do not have time to think. Imagine for example that we have a room full of people, listening to a lecture. Under normal circumstances all of them will behave according to their Sun sign. The Capricorn person will be very well organized and serious about the whole event. The Geminian person will get bored probably after 15 minutes and will start getting distracted, while somebody Taurean will methodically take notes till the end, since he is accustomed to completing his tasks.

However, if an emergency situation arises, for example a fire breaks out, all these people will try to escape, but will behave not according to their Sun sign, but according to their Moon sign. This is so, because the Moon determines our immediate response in the situation. For example, the person with Moon in Aries will bravely race into some (what he believes) right direction and will bang his head to the wall in a manner similar to the Ram, until he breaks it in and escapes. The person with Moon in Libra will politely let everyone else escape before him and will rush ahead only if this does not interfere with anyone else around him. The person with Moon in Pisces will be so overwhelmed by emotions that he may burn in the fire, before deciding which way to go.

However, once the danger is over, everyone will return to their usual behaviour, according to their Sun sign. So we can see that the action of the Sun is visible; it is up there for everyone to see. Most of our friends will describe us according to our Sun sign. The qualities of our Moon sign are more hidden and concealed. We act on them subconsciously and they will become apparent only in an emergency situation or when we react to something instantaneously, without having the time to think.

What is the Ascendent?

Most people know their Sun sign because it is easily determined by the date of birth. The Rising sign (or the Ascendant), however, is determined by the time of birth. It is this sign of the Zodiac, which rises above the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Since the Earth rotates around its own axis, the Rising sign changes every two hours. This means that every two hours or so, all the planets in house positions and the Rising sign will change. Obviously people born on the same place and the same date, but with more than 2 hours difference in the time of birth, will have very dissimilar charts. Sometimes even 2-3 minutes can make a difference.

People who are born approximately around the Sun rise will have their Sun sign and their Rising sign the same. These people are known as double Gemini, double Leo or whatever the case might be, in which case the characteristics of this sign will be powerfully enhanced. However, this is relatively rare occurrence (about 8% of the cases) and for most of us the Sun sign and the Rising sign will be different.

The Sun sign determines our outer projection, or the way the other people perceive us, while the Ascendant determines the hidden, inner forces that drive us through life. In short, it determines our psychological motivation in life and it will be known only to the people, who are very close to us. The characteristics of the Ascendant will be most likely unknown to our mere acquaintances, who will most probably describe us according to our Sun sign characteristics.

If I can give you an analogy with the car, the outer appearance of the car, the colour, the model, the number plate and so on will relate to the Sun sign. However, if we open the bonnet and inspect the engine, which is in fact driving the car, this will reveal to us the Rising sign. Thus, a car can look like a powerful Ferrari, but may have a very sensitive and moody engine and vice versa. The ideal situation is when the person can integrate successfully within himself both the Rising and the Sun signs, which produces balanced and harmonious people.

Can Astrology Tell Us Things About Our World?

Of course it can. It can tell us not only about our world, but also about other worlds as well. Most importantly it can give us the link between the visible, physical world and the invisible, spiritual world, which is creating everything material. Astrology can be used not only for drawing charts of individuals. In fact in antiquity it was rarely used for this purpose, unless the individual was a king, or hierophant, whose personal fate was largely connected with the fate of his people. As every individual has a birth chart, so does every organization, group of people, political party, town, city, state, government and even a country.

During my three-months visit in 2006 to Bulgaria, I presented there on the 3rd National Bulgarian Astrological conference  a 70 pages paper, giving clear proof which is the astrological chart of Bulgaria. This was a very important event, because for number of years there have been several charts in circulation, without tangible proof, which one of them is the correct one. This paper caught the interest of the media and the society as a whole, since Bulgaria was established more than 1300 years ago and it is impossible to trace its exact date and time of birth based on historical documents alone. However, it is possible to “rectify” the chart, based on the typical social, psychological and ethnological behaviour of all Bulgarians as a nation. This rectification was also done, based on hundreds of important historical events, which have been very well documented. Then, the position of the planets back in time is reversed and in such way it is possible to find out the exact moment of birth of this nation, which is what I did and proved.

The importance of having a chart like this is that future events in the development of this country also can be predicted very accurately. For example, based on this chart I predicted back in April 2006 that Bulgaria will join the European Union on 1stof January 2007 and this was published in all newspapers and shown on TV. This was a very brave act and I really had to put my name on it, since no politician or any other astrologer dared to make such a prediction back then. In fact few other astrologers did, but the dates they stated and the conditions that they predicted would be imposed by EU did not eventuate.

However, later on, the date 1st of January 2007 was officially confirmed and Bulgaria joined the European Union exactly on that date. This episode not only confirms that the chart I work on is the correct one, but also in the future, politicians could correct their policies based on this chart, since it is possible to predict certain social, financial, political and many other trends long before they happen.

Can Astrology Aid Us In Making Important Life Decisions?

Yes, it can. Based on the astrological chart a person can make his/her decisions in a scientific way, instead of following the wide-spread method of trial and error. It saves a lot of time, a lot of headaches and besides it is purely scientific. Few of the areas, where astrology can be utilized for making important life decisions are:

  • Natal charts. Based on the time, place and date of birth it is possible to outline almost every aspect of the person in question. Using his willpower, the person then can dramatically change his life for the better.
  • Compatibility charts. Based on them you can find out your compatibility with the person you love and what are your chances that this relationship is going to last
  • Charts of children. Based on them you can take informative decisions how to educate and relate to your child or children. Each child has its unique potential and life tasks. Many parents place unrealistic expectations on their children or direct them in areas of life, which are out of synch with what the child really should be doing in life.
  • Medical charts. These can be used to find out what are the strong points in our physical body and in what areas we might be vulnerable. Many diseases (in fact most diseases) have their root in unresolved psychological problems. Modern medicine concentrates on removing the effects that those problems cause in the physical body, but it does not remove the cause of the problem, thus the illness often either cannot be cured or resurfaces again in some other part of the body. Astrology can help you to get to the root cause of any illness that you may have and once you bring this into your conscious mind you have already overcome the illness by 50%.
  • Relocation charts. Many clients come to me asking what will be the best place for them to live in – Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and so on. Based on the latest astrological techniques it is possible to draw a map of the world with your personal planetary influences superimposed on it. In such case it becomes obvious what type of events you are likely to attract in certain geographical areas.

There are also many other areas of life where astrology can help us, for example where to invest our money, how our business is going to develop in the coming years, is it a good time to sell a house, is it a good time to relocate and so on and so on. In fact I can hardly think abut any area in life in which astrology could not help us to take an informative, scientific decision. For a full list of services offered on this web site, please click here.