The Spiritual Origins of the Earth and the Humans

Part 1

In my previous articles “The Sevenfold Human Structure”, published in “Universal Mind” we outlined the basic human structure according to the teachings of the spiritual science. We learned that humans comprise from seven distinct layers of energy, which encompass and permeate them. We called these physical body, ethereal body, astral body, mental body, causal body, Buddhi body and Higher Self. Also we learned that the physical body is the only element of this structure that is visible to the human eye, while all the other members are (at this stage of development of humanity) invisible. However, they can still be partially perceived by a small number of people with clairvoyant abilities who already managed to raise their consciousness to a higher level. For those readers who did not read these articles I recommend that they download them from the relevant page on my website here, before reading further.

The question arises why the human structure is sevenfold? What is so special about the number 7 and not, say, any other number? To a reader who tries to utilise only his logical thinking to solve this problem this question will remain unexplained, because the answer may come to us only if we delve into the deepest mysteries of creation. We need to explore how the Earth and humans were created. This can be done only by utilising the knowledge given to us from the spiritual science, established and developed by people who are so advanced spiritually that they are able to delve back in time into what we call ‘Akasha Chronicle’.

Akasha Chronicle is a huge database, which holds information about absolutely everything that ever happened on the planet Earth. No single event, emotion, thought or deed has passed unrecorded. You can think about it as a colossal hard disk on an unimaginably huge cosmic computer. It records data about every single event, which ever took place on our planet. And when I say every single event I mean not only the major political events that concern the whole humanity, but also absolutely all personal events, related to every single individual. By tapping into this database, one is able to re-live events such as how somebody brushed their teeth, let’s say 20 years ago on 13th of May in 8 o’clock in the morning. The dates can be extended to cover much distant past too, including past lives. Of course in normal state of consciousness this information is completely erased from the conscious memory, but at the same time is strictly kept in the Akasha.

We have seen a lot of movies showing us some heroes going back and forth in time and finding themselves in curious situations. What not many people know is that travelling back in time is absolutely possible and achievable, but with one important difference, which the movie makers are omitting from their scripts. The events in the Akasha can be re-lived by anyone who is capable to raise their level of consciousness to a certain higher level, but the events that are recorded in it cannot be changed. Once the events are written in this huge cosmic database, they can be re-played as many times as we wish, but we cannot change one single bit of what has already taken place in the past. What belongs to the past cannot be altered, but it does influence the present. What we are in the present, the situations we find ourselves in, the things we know, the people we meet, the jobs we do etc. all those things are determined entirely by our past. The decisions we take in the present mould our future. So this is how past, present and future are inextricably linked.

The process of reviewing the Akasha is similar to watching your favourite movie on a DVD. You can rewind it and watch it as many times as you please, but you are not in a position to change the plot of the movie. What is already recorded on the disk remains there forever and although it can be played again and again you cannot change one single bit of what is happening in it.

Using the information recorded in the Akasha Chronicle the spiritual science is revealing to us that the present state of the Earth is not its first state of appearance. Going back in time we can see that before the Earth appears to us as in its present form it passes through another three quite different stages or as we may call them ‘reincarnations’. Most people today are familiar with the fact that a death for humans does not mean an absolute end of everything, but quite the opposite: it is just a major transformation, during which the physical component of the individual remains on earth and is bound to decomposition, but the spiritual component (or the Higher Self) continues its journey into the spiritual world. There it rejuvenates, ruminates on its past and prepares for its next incarnation. After certain period of time the spirit reincarnates into another physical body, resumes a new life in it and it is given a chance to start anew. Of course the limits of this new life will be defined by the individual’s past actions, or in other words, his past karma.

It follows that the human Higher Self never dies, but it alternates between two forms of existence – life in a physical body and life in the spiritual world. Similarly, our Earth alternates between two forms of existence – physical and spiritual. It means that after one complete physical cycle is finished, the Earth does not disappear into nothingness, but it continues to exist in a spiritual form for a certain period of time where the great spiritual beings of the higher hierarchies determine its future conditions according to the karma that the Earth created in its previous physical appearance. This process is very similar to what happens to humans after death and between two lives. The difference is that when talking about the Earth we mean obviously much, much longer periods of time.

From what is available to us in the ‘Akasha Chronicle’ we can learn that our Earth did not appear as it is today with all its beautiful landscapes, seas, plants, animals and humans straight away from the nothingness. Also, contrary to some popular beliefs its origin is not some ‘Big Bang’. Have you ever seen an explosion to bring up harmony, beauty and order? Explosions always bring destruction. Creation, on the other hand, requires careful planning, endless patience and painstaking efforts so that we can enjoy the Earth in all its beauty as we know it today. The creation of the Earth was carefully prepared during another three previous ‘incarnations’. A lot of people support the theory of the ‘Big Bang’, but to the clairvoyant observer this theory does not make any sense at all, because it is quite clear that any bang or explosion cannot create anything else but chaos. To state that after some big explosion everything just somehow beautifully fitted into place and arranged itself is a total nonsense. The chance of this happening is pretty much the same as to some tornado passing through some junk yard and assembling by accidence a brand new Boing 747.

Our earth went through three previous reincarnations and during each one of these developed one by one the elements that we know today as fire, air and water. The fourth element (namely the earth) was created slowly just during its present reincarnation. This is basically the reason why today we call our planet ‘Earth’. In the very first incarnation of the Earth only one element existed, which was the fire element. We call this reincarnation of the Earth the ‘Old Saturn’. You should not misperceive the first incarnation of the Earth, which we call the ‘Old Saturn’ with the present day planet Saturn, because these are essentially two entirely different things. However, there is certain energy which is emanating today from the planet Saturn and this energy is related to the first incarnation of our planet. The energy, which we are talking about is related to the forces, which produce forms, which establish boundaries and which mould the matter into visible formations. For this reason the first incarnation of our planet bears the name of the present day planet Saturn.

Everything on the ‘Old Saturn’ was consisting from one element only, namely the fire element. But you should not imagine the state of the earth back then as some kind of a fire ball, since the things were very different back in those distant times. If present day humans were somehow able to go back and stand next to this planet they would not be able to perceive with their physical eyes anything from this planet, since the fire element was back then in a very refined, spiritual state. The whole planet comprised from different levels of ‘warmth’ and thus all the beings that inhabited the ‘Old Saturn’ comprised one body only, which was essentially their physical body. They could not grow, or reproduce, they could not walk, talk, think and so on. You can imagine these ancient Old Saturn inhabitants as having a consciousness close to the consciousness in which our minerals exist today on our planet.

Once the Old Saturn stage was over the whole planet disappears from the physical world, but it continues to exist in the spiritual world in a spiritual form. After some time we see it appearing again in another incarnation which we call the ‘Old Sun’. What happens next is a quick repetition of the ‘Old Saturn’ stage where all beings form a physical body first. However, after that the physical substance becomes denser and hence the air element also appears. This air element is nothing else, but essentially an ethereal body which the spirits are now transfusing into the physical body. We learned from the previous articles that the ethereal body is the element which endows life and now we can see that the inhabitants of the ‘Old Sun’ acquire the ability to grow and reproduce themselves, similarly to what plants do today on earth.

Today on our planets the plants comprise from physical and ethereal bodies and thus they can live, grow and reproduce themselves in the same fashion as the beings inhabiting the ‘Old Sun’. However, far not every single being that gained the ability to form a physical body on the Old Saturn is capable to keep up the pace and incorporate into themselves the ethereal body. Thus we can see now that the ‘Old Sun’ comprises from two kingdoms – the kingdom of ‘Old Sun minerals’ and the kingdom of the ‘Old Sun plants’. Once again we have to say that the present Sun and the ‘Old Sun’ are two completely different things. The reason why the spiritual science picked this name is because the energy emanated today from the Sun is related to what happened back then on that previous incarnation of the Earth, called ‘Old Sun’. The same forces which give life, and which are related to the ethereal body, live on the present day Sun.

If a modern man could find himself physically back on the ‘Old Sun’ he will feel physically the moving in the atmosphere, since now in addition to the fire element we have also the air element. However, he still will not be able to see anything, as ‘matter’ as we know it today still did not existed. All living beings on this ancient planet comprised from combinations of the fire and the air element in refined, spiritual state. The level of consciousness in which the ‘Old Sun’ plants existed is similar to the level of consciousness in which the plants live today on our earth. Essentially, this level of consciousness is close to what humans experience during their deep sleep without dreaming.

Once this all huge period of evolution is over, the Old Sun essentially “dies”, which means that it ceases its physical existence, but it continues to exist in the spiritual world. After some time we can see it appearing again in its third reincarnation, which the spiritual science call the ‘Old Moon’. In the beginning of this reincarnation first we can observe a quick repetition of the first two states, where again the inhabitants of this new planet first form their physical bodies and then their ethereal bodies. After that the spiritual beings of the higher hierarchies begin to implement in the inhabitants of the ‘Old Moon’ astral bodies. As a consequence those of them who can proceed according to the evolutional plan are now able to experience feelings, because this is the realm ruled by the astral bodies. Emotions of all sorts now become available to them – they become able to feel cold, hot, hungry, happy, angry and so on. Slowly, slowly they begin to look more and more to what we know today as an animal kingdom on our planet.

Not all of them, however, can proceed along these lines and some of them lag behind, thus on the ‘Old Moon’ three kingdoms are formed. The most primitive one comprise the ‘Old Moon minerals’. They lagged behind in their development on the Old Saturn and now are not capable to catch up with the changed conditions on the ‘Old Moon’. They look more like today’s minerals. Then we have the ‘Old Moon plants’. They lagged behind in their development on the ‘Old Sun’ stage. They can grow and reproduce, but experience no feelings. Finally we have the ‘Old Moon’ animals, which are the most advanced of all. They are proceeding fine in the implementation of their astral bodies. Due to the further densification of ‘matter’, this ancient planet comprises three elements – fire, air and water. Water appears as a consequence of the air element becoming denser. We can observe this physical fact even today on our planet. When water evaporates and becomes stream it is essentially the same substance but in a gaseous form. Once it condenses (loses energy) it becomes denser it turns into a liquid form.

The level of consciousness in which the ‘Old Moon’ animals live is similar to this of the animals living today on our planet. Essentially, this is the same consciousness which humans have during their sleep, when they are dreaming. In fact these ancient inhabitants live all their lives in something like a dream-like state, with the important difference that their dreams are very vivid and ‘real-like’. Also every time when in their dream a particular image appears, it is directly related to what is happening at this very moment around them. In this way they learn how to recognize danger, find food and shelter, reproduce and so on. However, they are still not in a position to perceive material objects directly as we do today. This state of consciousness is reached only during the next reincarnation of the earth (i.e. in present days).

Once the Old Moon period is over, the entire planet ceases its existence in physical form or “dies”, but it continues its existence in the spiritual world. After some time of preparation we see the earth materializing again, this time in the form as we know it today. In the very beginning it quickly repeats the first three stages of evolution, where the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms are created and then in the most developed animals the higher spirits begin the implementation of the mental body and some time later the Higher Self. Not all animals on the ‘Old Moon’ reached a level of development on which they will be able to carry in themselves the Higher Self. However, the conditions on the earth changed dramatically since the last incarnation and it is too late for them to catch up now. Thus, they remain in their animal form (with a physical, ethereal and astral bodies only), while man on the top of this have also the mental body and the Higher self.

The consciousness which humans develop is now a state of awaken ability to perceive the material objects around us. Due to the further densification of the matter a fourth element is introduced, which we call ‘earth’. This is the reason why our planet today comprises four main elements. Each one of them was carefully and slowly created throughout the previous stages (‘incarnations’) of our planet. The earth element is created by further densification of the water element, similarly to a process through which the water (liquid form) turns into ice (solid form). So basically, one can see that each consecutive stage of development of our planet is related to further and further loss of energy, i.e. from initially highly spiritual (extremely hot) state our planet is gradually becoming more and more cold, i.e. ‘materialistic’.

The spiritual science is teaching us that there will be seven such incarnations of the Earth altogether. Three of these have already taken place in the past, the fourth incarnation takes its course now and there are three more to come. Our planet has reached its lowest point of ‘coldness’ in present day ‘incarnation’. Ours is also the most ‘materialistic’ incarnation from all. The matter in the present, fourth incarnation reaches its maximum density. From here onwards it is envisaged that the ‘hotness’ of our planet and therefore its spiritual level of development will incessantly rise. The matter from the next incarnation onwards will become less and less dense (i.e. more and more spiritualized). Each one of the next three stages will be similar to the corresponding previous three stages. The fifth one will be similar to the third, the sixth one will be similar to the second and the seventh one will be similar to the first. During each one of the future ‘earth incarnations’ the spiritual level of the planet will rise until it finally reaches its initial highly spiritual state from the very beginning of this huge cosmic cycle, but this time on an entirely different (much higher) level of consciousness. The process is similar to following a spiral trajectory.

During the next ‘reincarnation’ our planet will resemble present day Jupiter. The future ‘Jupiterian people’ will be able to perceive ethereal world. This will be their normal state of consciousness, or as the spiritual science calls it they will possess an ‘imaginative consciousness’. After that on the future Venus all people will be able to perceive the astral world or they will possess ‘inspirational consciousness’. And finally on the future Vulcan they will be able to perceive even the Higher self of other people. For them this will be a normal state of perception. We call this ‘intuitional consciousness’.

To summarise, there are seven great states or incarnations of our planet and for this reason all humans comprise from seven bodies. The physical, ethereal and astral bodies have been created before. The mental body is being developed at the present stage. The other three bodies – the causal, the Buddhi and the Higher Self are at the moment at a rudimentary stage in present day humanity. They will be fully cultivated only in the future. The physical body is the oldest, since it has behind its evolution four incarnations. Thus the physical body is constructed with the greatest wisdom of all. Just think how every single bone or organ in the human body is created so cleverly and in a so optimal way. The ethereal is also quite perfect because it has three incarnations behind. The astral body was only created during the previous reincarnation of the earth and thus it still needs a lot to be improved. Just think about how sometimes we are totally overwhelmed by our emotions and cravings and how this is really affecting our lives. The Higher Self, regardless of the fact that spiritually is the highest member is also very new for humans and thus it is still far too imperfect.

It is also important to note that far not all humans that inhabit the earth today will be in a position to implement in themselves the higher bodies in the future. Because of this the humanity in the future Jupiter will be split into what we can call ‘Jupiterian people’ with higher state of consciousness and semi-humans, semi-animals with a consciousness which is typical for the majority of the people on the earth today. Since the conditions on the future Jupiter will be very different from what they are today, those people will be completely unable to raise their level of consciousness on the future Jupiter, just as it is impossible for animals today to reach our (human) state of consciousness. Even if we take the most intelligent animals like monkeys, cats, dogs etc. we will never be able to teach them how to use computers, drive cars and fly airplanes because they have lagged behind in their development on the Old Moon, so today they are trapped in their forms, without being able to develop further. The same applies to the plants and to the minerals.

Part 2

In part 1 of this article we learned that the Earth as we know it today did not appear straight away from the nothingness, but evolved gradually during four major great periods of development, or as we called them “reincarnations”. Similarly to the way as humans are incarnated into a specific physical body, develop gradually and then die to be reborn again in another physical body, so does the earth. The difference is, however, that in the case of the Earth we are talking about gigantic periods of time.

According to the spiritual science, during its first reincarnation, the Earth comprised only one element, which was the fire element. We called this stage ‘The Old Saturn’. We should not mix the planet Saturn as we know it today with this old state of our planet, because these are essentially two different things. The whole purpose of the Saturn reincarnation of the Earth was the task to develop the physical body of today’s humans. The consciousness in which the Saturnian humanity lived back then can be compared with the level of consciousness of present day minerals. This makes sense, since minerals also comprise of physical bodies only, similar to the ancient Saturnian humanity. The difference is that the matter back then was still in a very refined, spiritual state and was not visible from the point of view of modern men.

The second reincarnation of the Earth is called the ‘The Old Sun’. The matter of which this planet was made from gradually became denser, and thus a second element was introduced, which was the air. During this stage the ancient Sun humanity developed the ability to grow and reproduce, because it became able to imbue into itself the ethereal body. Thus, the ancient Sun inhabitants comprised two bodies – physical and ethereal. Their level of consciousness can be compared with present day plants, since they also comprise these two bodies. Some of the living beings on the Old Sun lagged behind in their proper development and remained with physical bodies only. On the Old Sun we could observe two major kingdoms – inhabitants with physical bodies only, which were similar to present day minerals and inhabitants with physical and ethereal bodies, which were similar to present day plants.

The third reincarnation of the Earth was the ‘The Old Moon’. Due to the further densification of the matter this ancient planet comprised three elements – for the first time the water element appeared in addition to the fire and the air element. Water element is nothing else, but the condensed form of the air element. We can observe this fact even today. When some liquid is heated up (the water element), it eventually evaporates (i.e. turns into a gaseous form, which is the air element). The purpose of the ‘Old Moon’ stage was to incorporate astral bodies into the Moon humanity. The astral body is nothing else, but what we call today “aura”, which is the bearer of all emotions, feelings and sensations. All animals living today on the earth possess physical, ethereal and astral bodies, so it would be right to say that the level of consciousness of the Old Moon humanity was close to the level of consciousness of present day animals. Again, not all living beings could keep up the pace of development and some of them lagged behind. Some of them already lagged behind on the Old Saturn (where they possessed only physical bodies). It was impossible for them to continue their development on the Old Moon, where the conditions were tailored for developing astral bodies. Thus, on the Old Moon three major kingdoms could be distinguished.

And lastly, the Earth was incarnated again for the fourth time and it appeared as what we know it today. The matter was further condensed, so that the fourth element was introduced – the earth element. At this stage of development the initial task was to introduce to people the mental body and some time later to imbue in them the Higher Self. So you can see that the four elements as we know them today are not simply a result of some “big bang”, but a logical outcome of four previous reincarnations of the Earth. The same applies to the four kingdoms as we know them today. The representatives of the mineral kingdom lagged in their development on the ‘Old Saturn’ and thus possess physical bodies only. The representatives of the plant kingdom lagged behind on the ‘Old Sun’ and thus today they possess physical and ethereal bodies only. Thanks to their ethereal bodies they can grow and proliferate. The animal kingdom lagged behind in its development on the ‘Old Moon’. Therefore animals comprise three bodies – physical, ethereal and astral. Because of their ethereal bodies they can also grow and reproduce, similar to the plants, but in addition to this thanks to their astral bodies they can also feel, sense and be emotional. Humans, on the other hand posses in addition to the above mentioned three bodies also a mental body and a Higher Self, which makes them different from animals.

In fact humans possess a sevenfold structure, but the other three invisible bodies will be fully developed in the future reincarnations of the earth. These are the future Jupiter, the future Venus and the future Vulcan. This concept is illustrated in the following diagram. It can be observed that the whole planetary evolutional cycle comprises seven major reincarnations. These are the ‘Old Saturn’, the ‘Old Sun’, the ‘Old Moon’, present day Earth, future Jupiter, future Venus and future Vulcan. During the first four incarnations the matter gradually becomes denser and denser, until it reaches its lowest point in present day Earth. In the future reincarnations the matter will gradually become more and more refined until it reaches its original, very refined and spiritual state, however, this time we will live in a much higher, spiritualized level of consciousness.777_Incarnations

Each one of those great seven reincarnations is divided by seven great periods, which are marked on the diagram with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G. (source: ) It can be observed that these seven great periods (within each reincarnation) follow the same pattern. During the first four periods the matter becomes denser and denser, while during the last three it purifies and becomes gradually more and more refined (i.e. more spiritual). The lowest point in all cases is the period D, which indicates the maximum density of the matter. For example during the incarnation called the ‘Old Saturn’ the matter was densified to the maximum only to the region of concrete thought. This happened during the D phase. It is difficult for the modern man to imagine a planet, comprised from thought, but nevertheless that was exactly the state in which the Old Saturn existed in its most densified state. Thought is also made from matter, but in a very refined condition. Our thoughts from a clairvoyant point of view can be observed as physical objects. Every time when we think, we in fact create these objects (which are our thoughts) around us. We may not see them, but they are as real as the tables and chairs that surround us in the physical world. These objects have the ability to attract likewise energy to themselves. This is the reason why positive thoughts attract positive events in our lives and negative thoughts attract the very dreadful events that we are most afraid of.

So we can see that the matter from which the ‘Old Saturn’ was made up gradually became more and more dense and from the world of divine spirit (period A) came down to the world of the life spirit (period B), then to the realm of the abstract thought (period C) and in its most dense state descended to the world of concrete thought (period D). The difference between the abstract thought and the concrete thought is huge. For example if we formulate the Pythagorean theorem, which states that the square of the hypotenuse of any right-angle triangle always equals the sum of the squares of its sides, we are taken into the realm of the abstract thought. This is so because once such a statement is proven, it applies to any specific triangle. On the other hand, if we are given an actual triangle, for which we know that one side is say 4 cm and the other 6 cm and we have to calculate its hypotenuse, we come down to the world of concrete thought.

Similarly, we can observe that during the ‘Old Sun’ reincarnation, the matter condensed into its most dense form during the D period to the desire world (the world of senses, or the astral world). During the Old Moon reincarnation the matter condensed again to maximum during the D period to the etheric region, while only on Earth it became so dense that it can now manifest into the chemical (or as we call it to the ‘material’ region). During the future three reincarnations the matter on Earth will gradually become less and less dense, until on the future Vulcan the most dense form will be again the region of concrete thought, but the living beings on this future planet will live in a such highly spiritualized and refined state, that they will be able to perceive not the physical bodies of the other people (as it is today), but the concrete and abstract thoughts of others. Perceiving the Higher Selves of other people as part of the external reality will be a normal and common place state of existence.

When the future Vulcan people will observe the external reality they will not find themselves to be surrounded by material objects as we are today, but they will be surrounded by thoughts. The most intimate and most spiritual part of humans, which is the Higher Self, will also be clearly visible externally. If today it is still possible for certain individuals to say one thing, while at the same time they are thinking something else, in the future this will become progressively less and less possible. Even on the future Jupiter, perceiving other people’s ethereal bodies will become a normal state of consciousness. Since the ethereal body carries the information about the past of the individual, everything what this person has done in the past (including past lives) will be clearly observed externally. Already on the future Jupiter it will become almost impossible to lie, because all deeds done in the past will be clearly visible to everyone else. On the future Venus the normal state of consciousness will be to perceive other people’s astral bodies (or auras). Then all our feelings will be clearly displayed out there for anyone to see. It will be impossible to say that we are not upset, or not happy, because all feelings are registered in the astral body and they will be clearly visible to anyone else. And finally on the future Vulcan even the realm of concrete thoughts will be visible externally, so people will be able to ‘see’ each other’s thoughts.

As you already noticed from the diagram above each one of the seven reincarnations is divided into seven great cycles, or epochs. The seven great cycles for the present reincarnation of the Earth are listed below:

  • Polarian epoch (epoch A) – in the beginning the earth was still not physically separate from the Sun. The Sun on the other hand was quite different to what it is today and still did not emit light at this stage. In this first cycle of development all the material substance of the earth together with the material substances of some of the other planets together formed part of the Sun. They were all combined into one physical body. However, some of the beings inhabiting this common planet developed more slowly then the others and thus it was necessary for them to continue their development at a distance. Some of the common material substance was periodically expelled from the Sun and this is how the planets were created one by one. From the planets which we know today Pluto was expelled fist, followed by Neptune and sometime later by Uranus. The other planets followed in that order. By the end of the Polarian epoch the Earth was separated from the Sun.
  • Hyperborean epoch (epoch B) – during this period the Sun began to emit light and this could be observed externally, because the Earth was separated from the Sun by then. In the Bible this period is referred to as: “Let there be light and there was light”. The Earth continued to form slowly. At this stage it still comprised the fire and air element only. Hyperborean people comprised physical and ethereal bodies only, so they were in fact very similar to plants.
  • Lemurian epoch (epoch C) – during this time the water element started being formed due to the further densification of the matter. During this epoch humans developed their astral bodies and were divided gradually into two sexes. Before that they reproduced in a process, which is in a way similar to cloning. It was not much different to the way plants reproduce today. Part of the material substance was expelled from the Earth and formed what we know today as the Moon. From this point onwards the Moon becomes the ruler of the female sex, while the Sun becomes the ruler of the male sex.
  • Atlantean epoch (epoch D) – this is the time where the first intellectual capacities of the people started developing, in other words at this time the mental body started being implemented into people. From this point onwards people formed the forth kingdom, inhabiting the planet, called humans. This kingdom became the most evolved of all. It was very different from animals. The ancient Atlantean people lived in very different conditions to what we know today. Although the material substance was now even more dense then before it was still far from what it is today and Atlantean people lived into what can be described as ‘fire-fog’, since almost half of the water which exists today on our planet was back then in gaseous form and surrounded the earth as a very thick fog, similar to what can be experienced today in a sauna.
  • Present Arian epoch (epoch E) – The Earth cooled down and great amounts of water turned from gaseous into liquid form, which caused the end of the Atlantean epoch. This is described in the Bible as the ‘Big Flood’ and the story of Noah. The moment in the Bible, which describes how after the rain stopped, Noah was able to see the rainbow is quite remarkable, because it depicts a literal fact. It was only from the beginning of the present Arian epoch, when the water element condensed into what we know today as oceans and seas, while before that time a great amount of it was spread into the atmosphere. Atlantean people were living essentially in a fog, although they were able to perceive each other spiritually. So it was only after the clouds cleared and the rain stopped, (in other words when the atmosphere of the earth changed, because it comprised from this point onwards primarily of the air element), when people became able to see the physical phenomenon of a rainbow.
  • Future sixth epoch
  • Future seventh epoch

Part 3

In the previous two parts of this article we learned how what we know today as Earth was gradually formed during large periods of time. The four elements as we know them today, i.e. the fire, the air, the water and the earth were formed gradually during four subsequent ‘reincarnations’ of the Earth which we called the ‘Old Saturn’, the ‘Old Sun’, the ‘Old Moon’ and the present day Earth. We also said that the whole planetary evolution of our planet include 7 reincarnations in total, which means that in the future our Earth has three more future states, which we called the future Jupiter, the future Venus and the future Vulcan.

This introduced us to the concept of the importance of the number 7. If we look carefully in each of these reincarnations of the Earth we will see that each reincarnation comprises seven Great Epochs (or cycles). For the present state of the Earth these are the Polarian epoch, the Hyperborean epoch, the Lemurian epoch, the Atlantean epoch, the present day post-Atlantean epoch and two more Great Epochs which will unfold in the future. Each one of these Great Epochs is in a certain sense related to one of the 7 great reincarnation cycles of the Earth. For example similarly to the ‘Old Saturn’ reincarnation, everything on the Earth during the Polarian epoch consisted only of the fire element. Similarly to the ‘Old Sun’, everything on Earth during the Hyperborean epoch consisted of the fire and air element. During the Lemurian epoch the water element was introduced just the same as it happened on the ‘Old Moon’ and finally the earth element appeared only during the Atlantean epoch, which is the reason why we have given to our planet the name “Earth” – to distinct the element which was introduced last in this gigantic evolutionary process.

In present times we live in the fifth, so called ‘post-Atlantean’ epoch. After the Atlantean Great epoch ended with what is described in the Bible as the Big Flood, there was a period of short rest. During this period the rain was constantly going on. After the skies cleared, Noah and his sons could see the rainbow, which was a clear indication that the water element was condensed from this point onwards into oceans and seas. This happened because the Earth lost some of its spiritual energy and become cooler. In comparison, the atmosphere of the Earth before this point of time consisted primarily of the air element. This was something new in the evolution of our planet, because during the whole Atlantean epoch the water element was widely spread in the atmosphere in a gaseous form. The ancient Atlantean people lived in something what can be described as a permanent, tick very hot fog.

Humanity had different tasks during the Atlantean epoch compared to the present days post-Atlantean epoch. Back in Atlantean times people were naturally born clairvoyants. This was their normal state of existence. They were still not in a position to observe clearly the physical objects around them, but they were unsurpassed in their abilities to perceive the subtle bodies of the human structure. In those times the greatest prizes and recognition were given to those Atlantis people who were able to penetrate as deep as possible into the spiritual world. Atlantis people were still only vaguely aware of the existence of the material world. The greatest shamans of Atlantean times could interact and interfere with forces, the result of which seems almost impossible to achieve for present day people with a materialistic inclination of the mind. For example they could play up with the forces forming the ethereal (or life-giving) body of other people, animals and plants.

On this basis, Atlantis people produced vehicles which utilised the growing force that is embedded for example in the grains. Their cars were powered by those forces. In order to imagine the power that this type of force gives, just imagine for a second a little stroke of grass that breaks the asphalt and grows through it. Ancient Atlantis people were in a position to utilize this force in order to build their vehicles with which they travelled around. On the other hand they misused a lot of these forces. Used with a malicious intent, a person possessing knowledge and abilities to control the ethereal forces could make another person grow to a gigantic size or, just the opposite, make him small and minuscular. The misuse of these forces by the ancient Atlantis people for personal gain and gratification was what ultimately caused that great catastrophe, described in the Bible as the Big Flood. Not to make the same mistake again, the new humanity which was destined to inherit the earth after Atlantis in the post-Atlantean, present day epoch, was destined to follow a completely different path. Instead of having great abilities to penetrate deep into the spiritual world and being able to play with these enormously powerful forces, the present day humanity was bound to descend deeper and deeper into the matter. For this reason, the organs, which quite naturally gave the Atlantean people the ability to perceive the spiritual world were gradually closing down in the post-Atlantean epoch. People felt more and more lonely and isolated from the spiritual world. They were not in a position to obtain quick and easy answers for almost anything that was important in their lives.

However, the greatest gift which they received in return was the capacity to be able to develop their logical mind and conscious ability to think. These faculties are something that the ancient Atlantean people simply did not possess. The Atlantean people were not in a position to observe the external reality, make observations and draw logical conclusions. They were inborn clairvoyants and they simply “knew” the answers without having to think about it logically. In fact their mental, processing abilities were very limited. The mind of the people back then comprised an enormous data base, where all experiences were remembered, including all experiences in previous lives and the experiences of their close relatives as mother, father, brothers etc. When Atlantean people had to make a decision about something important, they simply did a search in their mental data banks and looked for exactly the same situation which had happened before. However, they were not in a position to form an informative opinion about a situation, in which they did not find themselves previously. In this respect they had to be guided by their intuition and ability to communicate with the spiritual world. This was also one of the reasons why only exceptionally old people were put into position of power and leadership. Those people kept in their memories the largest ‘databases’ of past events.

The modern man today possesses only a minuscular fraction of that memory, which was available to the ancient Atlantean people. What we can remember today in our ordinary, every day conscious memory is many times less than 1% of what is actually held in our memory data banks. Everything else sinks deep down into the subconscious level and becomes “forgotten”. In fact we do not forget anything and this becomes very apparent immediately after death. In that point of time we gain access again to absolutely everything in greatest detail about what we have experienced in our life which have just ended, plus all the information (again in greatest detail) about all experiences from all previous life times.

Today we have one definite advantage over the ancient Atlantean people – we can reason about situations, we can logically draw conclusions and thus we are able (at least most of us) to find solutions to situations in which we have never been before. Should we possess exactly the same type of mind as the ancient Atlantean people, we would never be in a position to build airplanes, work with computers and communicate over the phone. On the other hand, would we have had the clairvoyant abilities, which were inherent to the ancient Atlantis culture, we would never need those technical gadgets because we would have been then able to communicate with others telepathically. We need the technical gadget, called a ‘telephone’ in order to talk to somebody, because we are not in a position to communicate with others telepathically any more. If we were in a position to tune into anyone else’s mind and clearly exchange messages at any given time, the telephone would become obsolete. Similarly, if astral travel was a normal state of existence for every human being, then why we would need an airplane to go anywhere? To summarize, the whole purpose of the present post-Atlantean epoch is to develop the mental body of humans and their abilities to think logically and draw analytical conclusions based on facts. In order for this to happen, people had to lose their abilities to penetrate into the spiritual world.

Any Great epoch consist from 7 shorter cultural epochs. Each cultural epoch lasts approximately 2160 years. The present day post-Atlantean epoch started after the Big Flood, described in the Bible and consist from the following 7 cultural epochs:

  1. The first cultural epoch of the present time was the Ancient Indian Cultural Epoch (7227 – 5067 BC). The people, who lived in this epoch were the direct descendants of the ancient Atlantean people. For this reason, a great many number of them still “remembered” a great deal of how to communicate with the spiritual world. For the ancient Indian people, what we call today “a reality” was simply a Maya – an illusion, a deception, something that is far from the real, spiritual world with which they were still in close touch. Vedic astrology, palmistry and many other gypsy divination arts stem from this first epoch of our times. The drawback of this epoch was that people to a great extent did not want to embark on the new path of development of humanity – they still wanted to keep their close connection with the spiritual world, whereas in reality exactly the opposite process had to be initiated at that stage. We can see this even today in many followers of the eastern teachings – the aim of their meditations, reflections, yoga and so on is the achievement of a blissful state on a personal level, for the benefit of one particular soul. They call this state “Nirvana”, where one can live happily in highly spiritual state, without the need to do the hard work on the physical plane. Even if this particular soul finds the road back to the source and reaches the state of Nirvana, then what can we say about everyone else who is not doing the mediations and exercises, prescribed by those teachings? The task at hand at present time is achieving spiritual development quite consciously, and once this is achieved we have to devote all our energy to help all the other people around us to achieve the same – in other words this requires very hard work on the physical level, not in isolation from the society – but quite the contrary in the centre of the social life in order to achieve the maximum ripple effect. For example what good would I do for humanity if I learn how to reach the state of nirvana and constantly live there in a personal bliss, but I never write even one single article, so that other people can also learn how to reach a greater spiritual development?
  2. Following the ancient Indian age, a new cultural epoch in Persia sprang up (5067 – 2907 BC). During this time humans began to develop intellectually and thus lost the sharpness of their memory of the days of Atlantis. As a result they began to work with the physical world, building buildings, making pottery, ploughing the earth, etc. It was during this age that Zarathustra pointed to the physical object of the Sun in the sky and said that this object was just the physical appearance of a highly developed spiritual being. We could learn a great deal from his philosophy even today. We know that every human comprises a sevenfold structure, of which the physical body is the only visible part. In addition, we also possess ethereal body (giving us life), astral body (giving us our emotions), mental body (this appeared only after Atlantis and makes us capable of logical thinking), Higher mind (which enables us of abstract, conceptual thinking), Buddhi body (determining the major life periods in our life) and Higher Self (determining the soul path through a whole string of many consecutive life times). As the higher Self in our own body relates to our physical body, so the Higher spiritual being living on the Sun relates to the physical object which we call Sun. This being Zarathustra called Ahura Mazdao. This is nothing else, but the same substance from which later the Christ being was incarnated into a physical body on earth.
  3. The next epoch is called the Egypto–Chaldean Cultural epoch (2907 – 747 BC). The Chaldeans looked upon other objects in the sky and learned to read their positions and rotations as the writing of spiritual beings. Nobody before them needed to do this, because the civilizations before this time vaguely perceived the physical bodies of the planets and stars, but they perceived the spiritual energy emanating from them (the ethereal and the astral bodies of the planets). The stars became more or less visible as physical objects around this time and the cultural epoch immediately preceding it. Thus, we can say that the roots of the modern astrology were established by the ancient Chaldean and Egypt priests. As the Persians had learned to divide the earth with their ploughs, the Egyptians during this epoch learned to divide it with the laws of space. Together the Egypto-Chaldean culture created astrology as a means for making decisions in harmony with the spiritual world. Today we still can learn a lot from this culture. No decision was taken in the political, social and economic life, before initially consulting the movements of the planets and incorporating the celestial harmony into the physical reality. The ancient priests (who were also the first astrologers) made a very long term plans, based on the planetary movements, which affected the wellbeing of the whole nation not only for the present generation, but also for many generations to come. In other words we can say that absolutely everything in the physical life of the ancient Egyptians and Chaldeans reflected the harmony of the stars. This approach is very different indeed from the short-term financial motivation, which is primarily driving our politicians today.
  4. The fourth post-Atlantean epoch was the Greco-Roman Cultural epoch (747 BC – 1413 AD). During this time the spiritual world was intellectualized in abstract terms such as truth, beauty, and form. Art came into flower – human forms came to be portrayed in marble sculpture and human life in dramas. In Roman law, the concept of a will and testament came into being for the first time whereby one’s will could survive one’s physical life. As we follow the 7 cultural epochs in any cycle we will see that in the beginning of the cycle we always have an involution, or descend into the matter in the first half-period and then evolution, or ascend towards the spiritual world during the second half-period. The most important event in any cycle is always happening in the middle between the two half-cycles. Our, present post-Atlantean epoch makes no exception. Humankind’s fall into the material world was nearly complete at this point, and required the appearance of Christ and His deed on Golgotha. The personal sacrifice of this extremely high spiritual being prevented the collective fall of humanity into the abyss. It provided people with an opportunity to take a different road. It pointed to the humankind an alternative pathway upward towards the spiritual world again.
  5. Modern Days Western Cultural Epoch (1413 AD – 3573 AD). Ancient Greeks and Romans reached the lowest point of descent into the matter exactly at the middle of the post-Atlantean epoch. Without the deed of Jesus Christ our modern culture would be doomed for gradual descent into the material life to the point when all people would lose a complete connection with the spiritual world. The Christ impulse, however, turned the things around and from this point onwards the humanity have a choice – to continue its descent into matter, or to raise its consciousness back to the spiritual world again, but this time in full consciousness and using a new acquisition – the mental body. In other words, by following the Christ impulse we have the real chance to become co-creators of the Universe, since this time we can align our personal will with the will of the Creator. By doing this we can contribute towards the cosmic plan of evolution. Becoming a clairvoyant in our modern age and following the Christ impulse is very different indeed from the semi-unconscious state of clairvoyance typical for ancient Atlantis. And indeed, we can see how in our days humanity is almost separated into two distinct categories; we can call them for simplicity the materialistic humanity (or the followers of Ahriman) and the spiritual humanity (the followers of Christ). The first category (which is much larger in number) is completely immersed into the matter and continues to follow the path of involution, characteristic for the first half of the present cycle, while the second has embraced the spiritual impulse and follow the evolutionary path of spiritual development, which is the correct path of development during the second half of the present cycle.
  6. Future Sixth Slavic cultural epoch (3573 AD – 5733 AD). Although most of the people are already divided into the above two mentioned categories, there are still some souls that are lost somewhere in the middle. During this epoch, which will occur in the future, a final division will be carried out between the souls of the people. In the final seventh epoch no changes will be possible. Thus, the sixth epoch will be characterized with an enormous spiritual advancement of the souls taken the second path. The capabilities which these people will possess at that time can be described from our point of view today as “magical”, “supernatural” and “miraculous”. In this epoch, the spiritual people will be in direct communication with spiritual world (with Christ) and their deeds will be done primarily on the spiritual plane. For this reason their works can be explained in our language today only as “miracles” or “magic”, because there will be no direct correlation on the physical plane between their actions and the results produced by their enormously strong willpower. This will be an epoch during which the people that have chosen the second path will acquire new supernatural powers and abilities, great strength of will and an extraordinary high level of spiritual perception. They will be the Christ people, who are described in the Bible as being dressed in white robes and sitting on the right hand side of His throne. At the same time the materialistic people will continue their descent into the matter to a point, where they will lose a complete touch with the spiritual world. Every living being in the Universe receives its ability to live from the spiritual world, but these people will lose this connection and in order to survive they will embark on a huge conquest for stealing the power and energy from each other. During this battle each one of them will try desperately to rob the others from as much energy as they could. This will lead to a total and complete submission of the will of the weakest to the will of the strongest. Ultimately such society will die in agony into what we can describe as “The war of all against all”. The first signs of this war are apparent even today, when one nation is in conflict with another, one family in conflict with another and in very recent times this war has spread even amongst the very close family members, such as spouses, parents and children – something unthinkable even not so long ago. But in the future this tendency amongst the materialistic people (or the followers of the Ahriman impulse) will reach monstrous proportions, where everybody will be everybody’s enemy. This is exactly the opposite principle of the Christ impulse, which teaches us to love everybody, even our enemies. Because ultimately, the Love is the only principle which bounds everything together in the Universe and keeps it alive, without Love, the materialistic, Ahrimanic group of people is bound for a slow and agonizing end, which is very well described in the “Apocalypse of St. John”
  7. Future Seventh Cultural Epoch (5733 AD – 7893 AD) No further changes will be possible to be made during this cultural epoch. The Christ humanity at this stage will be so highly developed in their spiritual path, that their physical appearance will resemble closely this of Christ. This moment is described in the Bible by referring that the Christ people will “bear the Christ signature of their faces”, while the Ahrimanic humanity will look similarly to their lord and even physically will resemble the Satan in all their actions, thoughts and physical looks. In so doing, these people will live in hell, even while still on earth. To make things even worse, because of the enormous amount of negative karma, which they would accumulate by that point, the gates to the spiritual world will be closed for them after death, which effectively means that their lives will become an awful sequence of sufferings – first on earth while they are incarnated in a physical body and then in hell after their death and then back on earth during their next incarnation and so on. On the other hand, the Christ humanity will not need to incarnate any more and will continue its path in the spiritual world.

From what we have outlined above, we can clearly see that it is still not too late (although the clock is ticking fast) to make a final decision and embrace the spiritual impulse within us. We can see that already most people have taken a conscious or subconscious decision to join one group or another. For example people who have made the decision to dedicate their entire lives to making money only, at any cost are definite candidates for the Ahrimanic kingdom. This is described with the moment of “selling one’s soul to the devil”. On the other hand those who make personal sacrifices for the benefit of large groups of people are already putting forward their serious candidacy for the kingdom of Christ. Don’t be scared by the numbers. The number of the materialistic, Ahrimanic group will always be far greater then the other, but ultimately these people will freeze themselves in human forms which will be impossible to change in the future, just as it is not possible to change today an animal, a plant or a rock.

Present conditions of the Earth are designed for the development of human forms and all the other forms (animals, plants and minerals), which lagged in their development in the previous “incarnations” of our planet have no chance any more to catch up. It is too late for them do anything today about it. Doesn’t matter how much we love an animal or a plant, we cannot teach them to use computers, to drive cars, to read newspapers etc. The group of animals were always much greater than this of people (maybe with exception of recent years with the extreme overpopulation of the earth), the group of plants was always greater than this of animals and the group of minerals is far greater than any other group. In the same way, the human group of Ahriman, which is bound to lag in its development, similarly to the animals, plants and minerals is going to be much greater in numbers then the humanity of Christ. However, it is exactly the humanity of Christ which is destined to inherit the future earth – which in esoteric language is called the future Jupiter – a highly spiritual and harmonious planet. The future Jupiterian humanity is going to look at the group of Ahrimanic beings in a similar fashion as people today look at animals. The choice of which group you want to be a part of is yours.