Number 3

Synthesis, harmony, equilibrium in local context, “green light” from destiny, time dimension

The number 3 can be represented by 3 = 2 + 1. The introduction of a new element changes the picture of the number 2 completely. The antagonism is totally gone, because the third element is bringing the other two in a perfect balance. It alternates in taking the side of one element or the other and in so doing is harmonizing these otherwise totally opposite elements. It is a well known fact that any committee has to have an odd number of members – 3, 5, 7 etc. because any voting becomes totally pointless if the number of members is even. This would imply an opposition which can be resolved only with the introduction of another element. The number 3 is a cosmic number; it is not coincidental that Christians value the Holy Trinity so much – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit form a perfect union between themselves. 3 can be regarded as a “green light” from destiny. When this number comes up in one way or another, we can expect the events in our life to unfold easily and harmoniously, without confrontations and without too much effort from our part.

In astrology the number 3 is represented by dividing the whole circle into 3 parts. Since the whole circle is 360°, by dividing it into 3, the result is 120°. When three planets are located in a circle exactly 120° apart they form a perfect unilateral triangle. Each side of the triangle is an aspect between the two planets involved. This aspect is called a trine and is one of the most harmonious aspects that can be seen in an astrological chart. The natives, in which charts this aspect appears, can expect a great many pleasant and nice events to unfold in some areas of their life, which will be shown by the planets and the signs involved. Such aspect helps to make life much easier and helps to express the qualities of the planets and the sings involved freely without stress. On the other hand if too many trines are present in the chart, this is not so good. Such natives will take too much in life for granted and will have a tendency “to ride” other people. They often believe that they can get away with murder and sadly this is often the case. The best astrological charts are those, who have a nice balance between positive and negative aspects.

The problem of the number 3 is that it believes that it provides a total and ultimate harmony, which is not exactly the case. There are other numbers greater than 3, but on the level of the number 3 this is not apparent. The perfect, unilateral triangle symbolizing this number feels very comfortable in its plane, but it is totally unaware of the existence of a three-dimensional reality.

The number 3 is associated also with the time dimension. Before the appearance of this number, time did not exist. It only appeared at this stage. Every material creation is based on three distinct cycles, which in the eastern teachings are called “sattva”, “tamas” and “radjzas” – “creation”, “formation” and “destruction”. These cycles are repeated in absolutely every material creation, but are most obvious with the human’s physical bodies. Everything of a material nature is firstly created on a spiritual level, then it is formed on a physical level and finally it is destructed on a material level, but it takes with itself the substance of its existence back to the spiritual level. In other words, the number 3 is the main number associated with the time dimension. Besides the time dimension, there are also horizontal and vertical dimensions and these are explained with the numbers 8 and 7 respectively.

Further  we will get acquainted with the numbers of the second level of spirit manifestation, those of LIFE-GIVING FORCES (numbers 4 – 6) and the third level of SPIRIT-GIVING FORCES (numbers 7-10).