Analysis for Compatibility (Synastry Report)

SynastryThis is basically a comprehensive report for compatibility between two people in every aspect of their lives (including possible karmic connection between them from past lives).

Often we can hear people saying something along the lines: ‘I am Leo and he is Aries, which means that we are compatible’ or ‘I am Pisces and she is Aquarius and that is why we are not compatible’ and so on. Such a way of interpreting is extremely over simplistic, to say at least. Another similar question that shows complete misunderstanding of astrology is ‘Which sign of the Zodiac is the best for me?’ As if there is one particular sign of the Zodiac, which is ‘perfect’ while all the others are flawed. As it is outlined in the section What is Astrology? people are extremely complex beings and cannot be simply divided  into 12 groups. Most people know their Sun Sign according to the month in which they are born, but this is only one of the factors which is taken into account by astrology.

There are also other planets, which are also very important for the astrological chart interpretation, like Mercury, Mars, Venus and so on. In fact, the latter two are much more relevant, pertaining to personal relationships, rather then the Sun. For example, Mars and Venus alone (the masculine and the feminine energies within us) can make hundreds of different aspects to each other. At the same time they may be in a complex relationship to all the other planets in the Solar System. It follows that the question ‘Are these two people compatible or not?’ is very complex, and cannot be answered just with simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The two individuals may be very compatible, say, sexually, but they may have trouble in the financial area or the vice versa. Many possibilities exist. All these aspects are calculated and interpreted in the Synastry report.

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